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  1. Wanted: Scubapro EDI Boot/Compass Boot
  2. Dive Rite Demo Day @ Ginnie Springs
  3. Apeks ATX 200 1st stage
  4. Sea Quest Black Diamond BC, Sunnto Dive Computer...
  5. Forsale: Apex TX100, Halcon SS plate and wings, Suunto, etc.
  6. WTB: scubapro MK20
  7. WTB: R190 yellow cover plate
  8. Fs: Catalina 80 Cuft Brand New
  9. Portable Compressor with Honda gas engine
  10. New Island Divers Hawaii website
  11. "BIG LIST" - Drysuit, Dive Rite, Greenforce, Jet Fins, Mask, Pony Btl, Gloves, Boots
  12. DUI Dry suit, BP, Etc.
  13. 2 Halcyon Helio 9 NiMH 10 Watt Lights For Sale
  14. WTB Apex first stage
  15. WTB: Drysuit - Trilam, preferably DUI
  16. Want To Buy: Scubapro D350 or D400 2nd Stage
  17. Nikonos Photography System
  18. Scuba Compressor For Sale
  19. Dacor Extreme plus w/second stage & octo
  20. Oms Alum Bp/harness 100lb Dual Bladder Wing Tank Adapter M/l
  21. WANTED!!! PADI Course Manuals Navigation & Altitude
  22. scuba pro top of the line & more
  23. scuba pro stec bc and harveys cobalt suit
  24. FS: Oceanic CDX 1st Stage - New
  25. For Sale: OMS 200 Bar Manifold & Mares Abyss DIN
  26. S.S. BP For Sale
  27. Underwater 3chip Video-housing/camera
  28. Azimuth Rebreather -excellent condition
  29. FS: XL ScubaPro Twin Jet Open Heel Black
  30. Sherwood Outback BCD in Adelaide Oz.
  31. Scubapro Twin Jet Fins Large Yellow BN
  32. NeoSport 7mm Farmer John
  33. FS - Bands, Undies & a BCD
  34. Brand New Oceanic Probe BCD size L
  35. Wtb Stage Bottle 40 Cf Or 45 Cf
  36. Escapeless Descent now in print!!!
  37. 4sale-Treasured dive watch. Zodiac SeaWolf.
  38. FS: 24 inch HP SPG hose $20.00
  39. WTB: SS Backplate
  40. FS: Viking Undies, B200 Thinsulate ''Comfort Plus''
  41. sherwood trek split fins
  42. co2 inflator needed
  43. FS: Bare Supra 7mm 2 Piece Wetsuit Size XLS
  44. FS 36# Halcyon Pioneer Wing
  45. Dry Suit- Under Suit-DUI Thinsulate: $200
  46. FS:Tusa X-Pert zoom fins
  47. FS- Seaquest Balance BCD
  48. SCUBA PRO Mk15 / D400 reg. set $135.00 shipping included in US
  49. WTB: Pony Bottle set-up
  50. WTB new DUI 400gram Thinsulate jumpsuit, Mens XL.
  51. Dive gear for sale in Vancouver
  52. Clips and Snaps -- Super Special
  54. FS: Dive Rite Reg
  55. New Dive Charter Service in Baja
  56. Central Iowa's ONLY PADI shop
  57. WTB: UK D8 or similar
  58. FS: Poseidon Cyklon Octopus (yellow)
  59. WTB: Underwater Video System
  60. Guage array, good for second set
  61. AKONA Wetsuit 3mm - 5mm Full Mens XXL
  62. For Sale: Suunto Cobra Computer
  63. Princetontec Shockwave Rechargeable Light $85
  64. FS Mares Isotherm and Scubapro Jet Fins
  65. FlyingMinutemen.com | The unofficial forum for CAP
  66. FA: Nice Aqua Master DA on eBay
  67. Online Diveshop: The Frugal Diver
  68. WANTED: Apeks ATX40 or ATX50 2nd Stage Only
  69. FS Technisub Fins and knife
  70. FS - !!NEW!! King Loran-C
  71. FS -Zeagle Ranger LTD
  72. FS: Oceanic Pro Plus 2 Nitrox Dive Computer
  73. FS: 2 Sets of fins for sale
  74. Basic equipment for sale - mask, fins, booties, snorkel
  75. FS: Sherwood Avid BCD X-SMALL
  76. Wanted: Early 90's Scubapro Brushed Metal Second-Stage
  77. For Sale: Oceanic Veo 100 Computer
  78. Email them and they'll beat any price DiversSupplyUSA
  79. LOOK! For Sale: Tusa Imprex BCJ3900 BCD Size Small/X-Small
  80. Scubra Pro Lady Hawk BC Needed
  81. San Diego Diver selling DUI suit
  82. Dry Suit - DUI Model CF200x, Under Suit, Dive Booties, Hood: $975
  83. FS: PST E8-130's
  85. Brand New IDI Seaira Trimetal&genesis resource pro
  86. FS: Beuchat 129, Dive Rite XXL
  87. LOOK! For Sale: Reg Set Scubapro/Dacor/Cressi-Sub & Tank
  88. Faber 95s with PRO valve & boot - LOWEST PRICE $180.00
  89. FS: Big Man's 3mm, 7mm, DUI CLX/450, 3mm Shorty
  90. WTB: Apeks black pearl first stage
  91. FS: UK Light Cannon
  92. FOR SALE:DUI Weight & Trim II
  93. Aladin Air Z Nitrox Hoseless wrist computer
  94. WTB: Large/XLarge BC
  95. laser pointer-Xenoline Titian Scuba Green fs
  96. Want To Buy: Scubapro D400 2nd Stage
  97. 16' inflatible, 30hp motor, trailer, For Sale
  98. FS: DR 10W HID, Classic wing & AL plate
  99. FS: 2 OMS H-valves (V104) w/ inserts (V115's)
  100. Wings for sale
  101. FS: Odds and Ends
  102. FS/FA 2 - 24 inch HP SPG Hoses New!
  103. New Thermo 300 bar DIN Valves Small Thread - $15
  104. FS: XL and L Scuba Pro Split Jet Fins
  105. Dry Suit Inflation Systems - SPECIAL PRICE
  106. A lot of Tek accessories
  107. Saturation Divers Umbilical Cord
  108. WTB: Trade a DUI Drysuit for a Video Underwater
  109. WTB scubapro G250
  110. WTB/FS/Trade: Apeks ATX40/DS4
  111. For Sale: Scubapro X650 2nd Stage Regulator
  112. Henderson Gold 3mm jumpsuit Men ML new* & hyperstretch hooded vest
  113. PST E7 120's for sale
  114. FS uwatec aladin sport plus
  115. FS: Apeks TX-50 w/DST
  116. Fs: Scuba Gear
  117. Seaquest Pro Unlimited BCD ML
  118. 7mm farmer John Hooded wetsuit 300.00$
  119. Wanted: Compressor/Fill Station
  120. WTB: safety equipment
  121. FS: Jet Fin/Turtle Buckles...
  122. WTB: Twin Jet fin XL single
  123. Excellent Condition Dive Gear for Sale
  124. Lots of Gear for Sale
  125. FS: Dive Rite Transpac
  126. FS: Weezle Extreme+ XXL w/ Lg boots
  127. FS- Scubapro Jetfins Lg w/ new straps
  128. FS: Scubapro S-Tek 5mm Wet suit (almost like new)
  129. FS: Aqualung Malibu BC Size L
  130. Aladin Air Z Nitrox hoseless wrist computer
  131. WTB - Drysuit Pockets
  132. DACOR CLEARANCE!!! regs, ect.
  133. diving software kit
  134. Seaquest Eva Weight Pockets
  135. FS - DUI Zip Drygloves
  136. WTB Single Tank wing (w/STA)
  137. WTB Bare CD4 XL
  138. California Photograpy - Open Call for Calendar
  139. Scubatoys is now paintballwartoys.
  140. FS - NEW Aqualung Legend LX reg.
  141. Zeagle Ranger BCD medium $350.00
  142. For Sale English Engineering Cave diving light
  143. Looking for used/new Atomic DIN
  144. PST E7-80 (O2 Clean) N. Cal only
  145. Halcyon Proteus 3
  146. FS: UK Light Cannon w/ recharge kit
  147. FS: Dacor DXD Fins, size 6.5-7.5 (40-41)
  148. SCUBA 1-1/4" Buttons!
  149. FS: DUI CLX 450 XL Zipseals
  150. WA:Doubles Setup, Faber HP100, Apeks regs, Bands, Manifold
  151. WA: LG Tusa Imprex Pro Cubic BC
  152. FS: Suunto SK-7 Compass, UWatec Bottom Timer
  153. FS: NiteRider Sport Diver 15w light (NOT WORKING)
  154. Looking for 36" high pressure hose.
  155. Steal for Steel - Faber 95s and 85s
  156. For Sale: Women's 2004 Libra BC- Med
  157. cylinder for lar v rb wanted
  158. Regs For Sale
  159. Men's XS 3/2mm full Body Glove wetsuit
  160. Wanted: Used Kids Gear For Cold Water
  161. faber hp120 and luxfer al80
  162. FS: 6.5mm Body Glove 2pc.
  163. FS: Black AL 80 - $75.00
  164. Wanted: Cheap Aqualung/USD 2nd stage (can be old/beat up)
  165. New Halcyon and Sherwood Equipment for Sale
  166. WTB: XL scubapro knighthawk
  167. FOR SALE:Bare Dry Suit 7mm neoprene
  168. DR SS backplate and Trek wing
  169. Technical & Rebreather Diving in Malaysia & WWII Battleships
  170. Seeking US Divers Conshelf Regs in EC
  171. 7 Cat AL 80s
  172. FS. Rix compressor
  173. Loads of brand new kit for sale
  174. For Sale: (2) Suunto Solution Alpha Computers
  175. Wanted: Old Scubapro Compass Wrist Boot
  176. New Florida Dive Shop - Boca Raton
  177. FS: PADI Rescue Book/Slate & VHS video - old version
  178. FS: Apeks ATX50/DST - new in box.
  179. BARE XCD2 PRO DRY (Men's) Size: XL dry suit
  180. WTB: Vintage US Divers Gauge Console
  181. F/S: Sartek 10W HID - complete, ready to dive - Save $$$
  182. FS: 24' Angler Dive Boat
  183. looking for PST 119's, 120's or 130's
  184. PST E7 120's
  185. Gear for Sale
  186. Tecnical diving equipment/OW Applications
  187. Looking for XL(LL) bio fins
  188. Bare XCD2-Tech dry, drysuit, sz MLS
  189. FS: Old AL80 in Boston
  190. WTB: Apeks ATX50 second stage
  191. MiniOxy - New Oxygen Analyser
  192. DUI Rock Boots
  193. Wtb:120cf High Pressure Steel Cylinder
  194. Regulator/ Gauge For Sale
  195. BCD For Sale
  196. WTB: Wetsuit, 7mm size XS
  197. FS: CLX450 Drysuit, HP80 doubles, HP100
  198. FS: Zeagle Titanium Backplate
  199. FS - 2004 Oceanic Probe QLR BC, Size ML Brand New
  200. Gear for sale: Tanks, reels, bands, and STA
  201. Suunto Compass with retractor
  202. Suunto Compass w/retractor
  203. Selling last years Oceanic Equipment for almost nothing
  204. SeaDoo Seascooter for sale!
  205. For Sale: Scubapro Knighthawk BCD with Air2
  206. Great Price -- Cozumel (April 22-25, 2005)
  207. SpearBoard Open T-Shirts and raffle tickets now available!!
  208. Need power inflator
  209. TRADE Zeagle ranger size Large for XL Shoulder harness assembly
  210. FS, Aqualung Legend regulator -NEW!
  211. ScubaPro AIR2 Octopus Inflator on eBay ($85 buy it now)
  212. Gear 4 Sale...
  213. $2 off select merch at Happy Turtle Dive Company
  214. Happy Turtle Dive Company is now open!
  215. WTB: XL jet fins light blue and black jet fins xxl or maybe xl.
  216. FS: PST E8-130 Doubles
  217. Bare Wetsuits for sale 5MM/7MM/.5MM FREE SHIP to 48
  218. FS: Mens Lg Henderson 7mm FJ Gold Core Wetsuit
  219. FS- PST E7 100 Nitrox tank. Like New.
  220. I'm Looking for Gear!!!
  221. Knighthawk BCD for sale
  222. SCUBA Flea Market Reminder....
  223. Sherwood Regulator Sales
  224. Free used BCD, dive bag. (Individuals only)
  225. BC for sale, Socal divers interested?
  226. FS-ScubaPro Nighthawk size L
  227. For Sale: Oceanic Pro Plus 2 Nitrox Dive Computer
  228. Nitek He New
  229. Nitek HE new
  230. Portable Mixing Pannel For sale
  231. FS: PST Steel Tanks THEY ARE HERE !!!
  232. brand new oneill wetsuit
  233. Gear for sale
  234. FS - Mares M1 Nitrox Computer
  235. WTB: High Sierra 36" Rolling Duffel
  236. WTB - Oceanic OceanLog & Nest DataTrans Plus
  237. wtb ds4 & atx50s
  238. Want To Buy: Scubapro LadyHawk BCD Size Small
  239. FS: Brand new 3mm shorty wetsuit
  240. FS: Assorted SCUBA hoses
  241. FS: a lot of cave/tek diving equipment and rebreathers
  242. FS items and Will GIVE AWAY Good GEAR
  243. WTB Cochran Analyst Software
  244. Miscellaneous Gear For Sale
  245. FS Oceanic VT Pro and download kit
  246. Complete MMII-Ex for sale
  247. Swim Goggles
  248. LED Underwater Flashlight
  249. W T B Housing 4 Sony P8 P10
  250. Spearfishing seminar in Dallas Feb 7
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