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December 21st, 2005, 09:06 PM
I apologize in advance if I'm repeating another thread, but I couldn't find anything posted.

I'm considering picking up an Aeris DPV and was wondering if anyone has any experience with them or has heard anything (good or bad) about them.

Thanks in advance

December 21st, 2005, 09:56 PM
It's the same as the Oceanic Mako. So search for that. There's a couple of threads I recently read where the Mako was discussed. I think Oceanic makes them for Aeris - or they both buy them from an OEM.

I've seen one but never dove with it, I'd judge it to be similar in quality to the Apollo AV-1 - which I have used several times. One thing I liked was that it has an LED power level display - not a meter, but at least you get an idea.

It's not a Gavin or X-Scooter - but not priced like one - and not a SeaDoo toy either. If I was considering a scooter in the $2K or less range now, I'd wait for the Apollo AV-2 - due next month. Supposed to have 100mins runtime. My impression is that the technology of the older Mako's and Apollo's hasn't been updated in a while, every one I see looks identical to one I used some years ago. - AV2 info

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