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MI Diver
April 16th, 2007, 12:13 PM
I recently made my first dives with the suunto d9. Everything worked fine on the nine dives I made however, I noticed that only the last to logs existed in the computer itself even though the history showed the correct number of dives max depth and cumulative time. When I returned home I was hopefull that all the logs would still download even though I could not reveiw them on the dive computer itself but this was not the case and only the last two logs downloaded. Has any else expereienced this or have any solution. Thank-you

April 16th, 2007, 01:35 PM
The dive history is separate from the logs. It just keeps the running count whether or not the logs are still in memory.

It is strange that the first seven dives are not in the memory any more, however. How long were your dives, and what is the sampling time set to? The earliest logs will start to fall off once the profile memory is full. But it is hard to imagine two dives filling up the profile memory.
The logs will also disappear (but not the history) when the battery is removed, but I'm guessing you never had the battery changed.

edit: just looked up the D9 manual and it says the profile memory is 36 hours with a 20 second sampling interval. That means 1.8 hours with a 1 second interval, so if your last three dives added up to about 1 hr 50 minutes, and you had the sampling interval set to 1 second, then the last from third dive would've fallen off.
It's generally not a good idea to set it to 1 second unless you are freediving. You can't keep that many dives in the memory, the battery will run out faster, and on top of that each dive takes forever to download.

MI Diver
April 16th, 2007, 02:29 PM
Thank-you I did have the setting at 1 sec and will change it to 20 sec the math works and I believe that is way my third to last dive droped off. Not the end of the world I had still done my written log with the information so I will just be starting my electronic logs a little later. Thank-you very much for your response.

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