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June 11th, 2001, 09:56 PM
I'm looking for a reliable and comfortable BC and am considering the Superhawk or the Knighthawk. I'd like a good rig, maybe one I could put doubles on.

My LDS is a Scubapro dealer and that's all I've ever dived in (I'm pretty new at this, only 10 dives). I'm considering the Knighthawk but am concerned that it can only hold 20lbs ditchable (plus 10lbs trim). The Superhawk can hold 32lbs ditchable (plus 20lbs trim). I don't need 52 lbs. but 30lbs in the Knighthawk isn't enough. This weekend I was diving in fresh water with a 7mil 2 piece plus hood and gloves. I used 28lbs. on a belt and was underweighted! This was with a Scubapro classic and a steel tank. During my safety stop I had to hold on to a rock to make sure I didn't float to the surface.

I don't live near an ocean so most of my diving is in (cold) fresh water. I need the weight. I'm 6' tall, 250lbs and it's not all muscle mass :-(.

Now for my questions. Does anyone have experience with the Knighthawk? How much weight can you really put in it?

The Knighthawk is very attractive price wise compared to the Superhawk. I just don't want to get stuck with something I'll regret.


June 11th, 2001, 10:16 PM
Originally posted by kcDiver
I'm looking for a reliable and comfortable BC ... I'd like a good rig, maybe one I could put doubles on.


I think the rest of the board might agree that you ought to take a look at the backplate/harness/wings setup.

This setup can not only meet your criteria you mentioned (reliable, comfortable, doubles, integrated weights), it can also grow and adapt with your diving style and profiles.

I own a Zeagle Ranger which, while not a true backplate/harness/wings BC, does alot to emulate it. All of the major components can be swapped out to ensure a comfortable fit (in other words, the shoulders are seperate from the cumberbund, which is seperate from the bladder, and so forth) and various add-ons can be included later to handle more technical diving requirements. Including what's required for doubles. And so far, I love it!

The backplate/wings BC can do much of the same, but it approaches complete modularity so that it can be literally torn down and "reconstructed" to fit both recrational and heavy technical diving. This includes having a bladder (wings) that suit your lift requirements, and addition of components to fit the profile.

I should say that I have no experience (nor have handled) the BC's you mention. But you can't go wrong with a "back to basics" backplate/wings BC.


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