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July 27th, 2007, 09:53 AM
Dove Nubble yesterday afterwork. Conditions were too good to not go. Warm, winds from S SW, calm seas. Best Nubble dive of year in terms of conditions. First dive in around 5:45 ish. Was surprised to see 35 foot vis! (Able to see bouy on surface from depth) Temps at bottom (65 FSW max depth) a still 44 degrees. surface temp 60 I entered as tide coming in. High tide was around 9 PM so I was coming in couple hours after low tide.

Went to other side of island and came across a dead seal on bottom. No visible signs of Shark bite, or propeller marks. The lobsters have already had a go at it. On way back, also saw the biggest Lobzilla have ever seen! The carapace was football sized.

When surfaced, there was a HUGE group of divers from Atlantic Aquasports in Rye for Thurs guided dusk dive. At least 15 divers, 3 dive masters. Seeing them all gear up on rock near entry point was interesting.

I did my surface interval Burger/Frappe and then decided to bag 2nd dive. Would have sucked with all the divers in water. I just had a great time just hanging and talking with some of divers topside. It was cool seeing from surface the underwater light show.

July 27th, 2007, 11:27 AM
Thanks for the excellent dive report. Interesting to hear about the dead seal.

Don't blame you at all for passing up the second dive. Fifteen's a crowd.... and vis would suffer, I'm sure. :)

This is a good time of year for Nubble. I'll be going again soon, hopefully to see some torpedo rays. There's just something about them....

Dave C

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