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January 6th, 2008, 12:05 PM
I've used this board for lots of research and as you see generally don't post -- but have just returned from what was supposed to be an incredible family vacation and lots of wonderful diving!

The incredible family vacation at Bahia de la Luna happened -- it is beautiful and wonderful and you should go there! BUT not if you want to scuba dive!!! We did hours and hours of snorkeling and SO wanted to explore more with diving!! I do not like snorkelling -- that's why I dive!!!

I contacted Azul Profundo (Chepe) in Puerto Angel, Oaxaca, Mexico in SEPTEMBER to prepare for a vacation during the week surrounding New Year's Day . . . received incredible quick responses -- was told absolutely diving is possible, no problem. I wanted to make reservations (like I've done with others) and that's when I should have seen the red flags . . . but was assured that I didn't need to do so. He said no problem with diving, just have Reto (owner of Bahia de la Luna) contact me.

I should have also known because as the trip got closer I tried to contact Chepe to finalize arrangements and ask a few questions -- and now he either waited days before responding to an email or didn't answer at all. Okay -- I'm just being a pest, I'll do as he asked and contact him when we arrive . . . no problem, right??

WRONG - major problem

Reto called and called to contact Chepe . . . we rec'd different answers -- phone turned off, maybe tomorrow (3 days), I don't have any tanks because someone else owns the compressor and he's out of town, I'm too busy with snorkelers, and the port is closed. The last one really was true for 2 days.

The 1st day when we were unable to contact Chepe - I took a taxi to the dive shop and was told he was out diving!:11::(

We have our own equipment, really would have been more than happy to shore dive if we could just rent tanks and weight. No way -- he doesn't rent just tanks. I understand that if you are able to take me out in a boat!!!

So -- one week on one of the most beautiful beaches ever -- with eagle rays passing through daily, abundant fish life, an occasional whale passing by and turtles -- but NO DIVING!!! :shakehead:

Thanks for listening (well ok - reading) I feel better just letting you know how I feel!

Now spring break will be a bit pricey because instead of horseback riding in Arkansas I'm going to be blowing bubbles somewhere! ;)

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