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June 23rd, 2009, 12:00 PM
FOR SALE- Used liftbags and personal floats, most like new, all refurbished. We have: Personal floats- (4) 35lb $25.00 each, (1) 100lb $$40.00... Enclosed pillow bags- (1) 1000lb $150.00, (1) 500lb mini salvage tube w/ 3 verticle straps 94"x18" $80.00Open bottom bags- (2) 50lb $18.00 each, (2) 100lb one is $25.00 one is $18.00 (1) 500lb $60.00, (1) 2000lb $150.00, (1) 10,000lb old but solid and useable-no warranty on this one $500.00. Prices do not include shipping on used bags, we accept all major credit cards. Call 360-289-2326 or email here for more info. Tim and Debra Little. Can see our complete new bag inventory at "".:cool2:

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