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February 22nd, 2010, 05:47 PM
I have a friend that is looking at buying a package deal online and I really don't know anything about the gear there. I figured that this is the best place to post and get responses on what you all think about the gear in that package.

Genesis Back Inflate Mens Cold Water Scuba Gear Package - Online Scuba Gear (http://www.onlinescuba.com/eshop/10Expand.asp?ProductCode=6079P)

Any info you can give me will be appreciated!!!

Thanks :D

February 24th, 2010, 01:01 AM
I really don't know much about Genesis, other than that they make good gauges.. I have Heard really bad reviews about their Regulators, and BCD Inflator problems.. But although I am not sure of your type of diving/budget I can reccomend some highly reptuable gear for a cold water diver kit: Dive Rite Transpac, and Venture, or Rec Wing, Dive Rite Nitek Trio Computer (Oceanic, and Uwatec make good comps too!), Atomic Aquatics M1, T2x, or Z2x Regulators are superb performers as well as Apeks ATX 200, 100, Mares Abyss, and ScubaPro A700 Regulators are great too!

Wayne at DiveSeekers
February 24th, 2010, 01:39 PM
Getting a complete "package" may not always be the best route to go. A lot of times there are only a couple of worth while options in that "package". Here are some economical options for a good "package" even though it's not offered as a "package".

Regulator - Oceanic CDX5/GT3, Alpha 8, w/gauge (adj & enviormentally sealed)
Oceanic GT 3 Regulators *Buy Oceanic at DIVESEEKERS.com 888-SCUBA-47 (http://www.diveseekers.com/Oceanic_GT_3_Regulators_p/40.3412.07.htm)
Oceanic Alpha 8 Octopus *Buy Oceanic at DIVESEEKERS.com 888-SCUBA-47 (http://www.diveseekers.com/Oceanic_Alpha_8_Octopus_p/40.3540.53.htm)
Highland Brass and Glass Pressure Gauge *Buy XS SCUBA at DIVESEEKERS.com 888-SCUBA-47 (http://www.diveseekers.com/Highland_Brass_and_Glass_Pressure_Gauge_p/xs-hl301.htm)

Computer - Veo 2.0 or 3.0 (wrist computers are more popular these days)
VEO 2.0 Wrist Computers *Buy Oceanic at DIVESEEKERS.com 888-SCUBA-47 (http://www.diveseekers.com/VEO_2_0_Wrist_Computers_p/ocea-04.3705.67.htm)
VEO 3.0 Wrist Computers *Buy Oceanic at DIVESEEKERS.com 888-SCUBA-47 (http://www.diveseekers.com/VEO_3_0_Wrist_Computers_p/ocea-04.3805.16.htm)

BCD - DiveRite Transplate w/Venture wing (Harness style w/better weight distribution)
Dive Rite TransPlate Package ST3000P *Buy Dive Rite at DIVESEEKERS.com 888-SCUBA-47 (http://www.diveseekers.com/Dive_Rite_TransPlate_Package_p/st3201-2.htm)

Wetsuit - Bare Arctic (Seals on inside of wrists & ankles to minimize waterflow)
Drysuit - Bare Nex-Gen (economical drysuit)
7mm Arctic Full *Buy BARE at DIVESEEKERS.COM 888-SCUBA-47 (http://www.diveseekers.com/7mm_Arctic_Full_p/bare-002117.htm)
Nex-Gen Pro Dry *Buy BARE at DIVESEEKERS.COM 888-SCUBA-47 (http://www.diveseekers.com/Nex_Gen_Pro_Dry_p/bare-010103.htm)

Feel free to give us a call and we can hook you up with the right gear the first time. This is just one option, there are many more to choose from.

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