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April 18th, 2011, 06:46 PM
Looking for info/feedback for Scuba Shack/Blue Bubble/Robertas Eco Dive? 3rd name they go by?

I found their web site, but not much else like reviews or info on how they are...we may be staying at the Park Royal in July and they are a quick walk down the "hill" lol from the PR, so I am just looking for info/reviews on their operation. You can PM me or post below.

I found 1 review of Blue Bubble on Trip Advisor, but nothing on Scuba Shack.

Thanks in advance! :D

April 19th, 2011, 10:46 AM
I have dove with them for years and all I can say is they are my favorite dive operator. Robertas staff are top notch and with only small boats you will never see more than six people in a group. She has been on island for @ 20 years now. Thats where all the different names come from. Over the years she has acquired other businesses and is now merging them all together. I have dove with them for my own personal trips as well as group travel and everyone that I have introduced to her operation returns to dive with them.
If you stay at Park Royal their is not many easier options tham blue bubble across the street.
Have fun

April 19th, 2011, 10:50 AM
Any questions you have shoot them a email. They are happy to arrange whatever you want. If by chance you don't get a response within a day resend your email. Internet is not quite as reliable for her as it is us.

April 19th, 2011, 01:24 PM
Like Scooter here I've been diving with Roberta for many years now. She bought both Scuba Shack and Blue Bubble and they're all part of Roberta's operation now.

Mostly they dive fast 6-pack boats but she has one that'll dive 8. She runs a terrific operation and her staff is always on top of things. Julio runs the day-to-day dive operations.

We go down to Cozumel every August with a group and the first day we do our own little "check-out" dive behind the shop. Tanks are free for this and we just like to get everyone in the water so they can check their bouancy and gear before we go out on the boat.

We've been doing this long enough now that all of her DM's know us and know we're experienced drift divers. It makes for a very good and easy week.


September 13th, 2011, 07:42 PM
Hi, Can anyone tell me the email address please? I dove with them years ago and want to use them this fall. But none of the websites seem to be working.


September 13th, 2011, 10:21 PM
The last time that I emailed them I sent it to:

Good Luck!

September 13th, 2011, 10:54 PM
That email should work. Here are two others:

Not sure if those are still good, but try them all. Roberta runs a quality dive op, I've been going there for years. I never have understood why she doesn't get more props on SB. Her small hotel, Village Tankah, is also a great place to stay, that is if you don't like TV, phones, or large crowds...there's only 7 rooms if I remember. So if it stays a relative 'secret' I'm certainly not complaining!

September 14th, 2011, 12:29 AM
Wow I totally forgot to reply to my own thread! :(

So anyways, back over July 4th 2011 I stayed at the Park Royal and dove with Robertas/Blue Bubble/Scuba Shack. If you are staying at the PR - this is a super convenient shop to use! I like they are on the water, with an actual shop. They share whats left of their doc with the snorkel tour op that has all the big white catamaran boats. I thoroughly enjoyed showing up early everymorning and watching the hustle and bustle of them and robertas people gearing up for the days work. Roberta runs a great dive shop, great staff and I really enjoyed them.

She reminded me a TON of Margaret from Papa Hogs - without the yelling/screaming over reacting second half. :) Great lady and she was great to deal with, great communication and she makes the best breads/cakes that she sends out for a snack during the SI's!!!!

Dive shop has plastic bins with chains and locks - I brought my own combo lock. Was super convenient to not have to drag my gear back and forth to the hotel every day. Rinse tank right outside the storage room and a drying rack outside as well to let your stuff drip dry.

They allow you to dive your computer/air. 700 #'s and you head up to safety stop then out of the water with your dive buddy. Very casual and relaxed atmosphere, they let us pick out dives by consensus and they had no issues going to the southern sites. Boat crews were great, all baots are small 6-8 passenger panga styles - all with covers! (YAY!). They provide water and snack and pop at SI. As I said before the cakes/breads Roberta makes are to die for!

My ONLY semi complaint was one DM i got stuck with for several days.....he seemed more interested in hunting lionfish that anything else, but he was a good DM, I just felt bad for some of the noobler divers who didn't get a whole lot pointed out for them as he was busy killing lionfish. I personally didn't care as I know how to find my own critters and generally like to float alone on my own. So by no means a major issue as the DM i had on day one was really really good.

Was a great week of diving, I will not hesitate to use them again, the last day I picked Columbia Shallows as 2nd dive and we all (5 divers I think) pulled almost an hour and a half - had a great group the last day and 90 minutes on shallows is just amazing!!! DM called the dive as HE got cold lol! During the week we saw TONS of turttles, nurse sharks, lots of DEAD lionfish (thanks the the over zealous DM - he was really good at killing them lol!), I got to see the ballast stones and anchor down by palancar/columbia again which is super cool.

So all in all, great shop, great owner, great boats, great diving. If I stay at the PR again, this will be my op of choice for sure!

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