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Robert J. Frank
September 2nd, 2011, 07:23 AM
Does anybody have any PADI books in PDF format, I want to have then on my iPad/iPhone for reference.

PM me if you can.


September 2nd, 2011, 08:13 AM
I think you will be out of luck, i don't think they (legitimately) exist.

There was a multimedia version of the manuals but I honestly have never seen them or used them so don't know if they are what you are looking for.

I think the issue with standard PDF's is that if they existed it would open the door to copyright issues etc

September 2nd, 2011, 08:20 AM
Only the instructors manuals are made available in electronic formats. PADI won't release the manuals digitally because of copyright issues - they've gone down the 'elearning' route instead.

The one resource that you can get electronically is/was the 'Enyclopedia of Recreational Diving'. That'd be good for an Iphone etc, but I am not sure what format it comes in.... I think it is some form of .exe file, so it may not be compatible on an Iphone.

Dear PADI.... if you're listening.... the year is 2011.... portable electronic media is 'kinda popular' nowadays... :dontknow:

September 2nd, 2011, 08:44 AM
Does any training agency offer their core material in portable format?
If so, that might be another criterion when selecting an agency.

edit: as a cursory first step at answering my own question, it appears that at least:
PADI and SSI offer DVDs.
PADI, NAUI, SSI and SDI offer e-learning.
This is far from a complete answer.

Peter Guy
September 2nd, 2011, 12:48 PM
Last year (?) I bought several OW crewpaks and one of them was the "Multi-Media" version a student wanted. It has the OW manual as a series of PDFs -- one per chapter (interestingly, the file date is 2006). I would guess the other "Multi-Media" versions are also PDF based.

You could try buying the Multi-Media version and see if it loaded onto your I-phone (does Apple allow you do use PDFs?) but this is something that would work much better on a tablet.

Rhone Man
September 2nd, 2011, 04:55 PM
There are several websites which specialise in (ahem) uncoventional approaches to intellectual property rights, and poking around them you may be able to find PDF copies of certain manuals. When I took a quick look on one I could see the adventure diver manual and the tec diver manual, but not any of the others. All the videos and instructor manuals were there though.

EDIT: Pretty much all of the GUE and IANTD manuals were there though...

September 2nd, 2011, 05:29 PM
And that find of yours might be :dontknow:
Might be nice if you could share.;)

September 2nd, 2011, 08:48 PM
My multi-media PADI OW course material is .pdf based, with imbedded video. Actually, it's a pretty slick setup and I learned a lot from it.

September 14th, 2011, 09:55 AM
The electronic Encyclopedia is based on PDF files, so you can have it on your Iphone but you'll loose the video access. That work fine for me. Then I use the manual intructor rec and tec but nothing else.

September 14th, 2011, 02:55 PM
I have a few of them, they were just not obtained in a manner that is legal where you live. My simple answer is "google it" and be careful which shady Chinese torrent site you use.

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