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Thread: Scuba Dive and Weight Train! at the same time!


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    Jan 2012

    Rolling my eyes

    How about for off-season athletes? After their initial light activity phase?

    People ask how is weight training good for you?

    The answers are endless and some unexplainable.
    Scientific research supports that is lowers blood pressure, increases insulin sensitivity, helps maintain proper body composition. People still do not acept those answers, most of all because they do not want to do it. stuck in their beliefs.

    First and foremost physical activity involving resistance (weights in this case) needs to be done properly. Done properly can aid in bone density and connective joint tissue strength. Bringing this underwater can aid in the direct pressure of the spine since the pressure is more ambient rather than direct.

    I hope to one day prove (through scientific research) with certain methods there are certain benefits of weight training fully submerged underwater. There will still be people who oppose such ideas. It is not for everybody. but that does not single out the majority. I do not even care if people do not want to participate. I want to wake up and be able to do the two things i love. Weight train and scuba dive.. But life is not a fairy tale. So I must find ways to trace protein synthesis through chemical isotopes to prove or disprove a possible benefit of weight training fully submerged underwater at atmospheric depths. Find reasons for party's to support such research. And turn a dream into a business proposition.

    Whether it is for government ~ soldiers, increasing quality of life for certain individuals
    Sports teams, getting athletes reconditioned or even conditioned faster to be put on the main training schedule after the off-season rest.
    - decrease recovery times due to muscle tissue damage during weigh training,

    GET in the water, and lift a weight. Tell me how it feels.
    But the catch is you need to learn how to properly lift weight.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dive Bug Bit Me View Post
    So if I get this correct, the plan is to strap a clinically obese person to a scuba tank and make them carry weights around the bottom of the pool because the weights are "less heavy underwater".

    I am unable to open your link, so instead base my response on your post.

    There are a number of reasons why this is a really bad idea;
    First off, if a 5lbs weight is too heavy for a person then just give them 2lbs. Doing exercises underwater for the ego of lifting inappropriately heavy weights strikes me as foolish.

    In fact many of the trainers I know (I am not a trainer by profession) will advocate nothing more than a casual walk for obese people (and only after consultation with a doctor).

    Hard exercise tends to raise the breathing rate. CO2 retention has been mentioned. Over breathing the regulator or emptying a tank in a matter of seconds also strike me as hazards.

    An obese person undertaking strenuous exercise is more prone to collapse, heart issues, etc. Why would you want to put them at the bottom of a pool where emergency response is more difficult?

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    Jan 2012
    you are quite right about the obese individual, light walk- one reason for this is to get them to realize that they are capable of physical activity! many of the sources of obesity is psychological, you cannot get them to do high intensity physical activity due to their mere beliefs that they are incapable. I can not say fear, but you are right, imagine trying to get them into the water... it's upsetting because I have seen heavy set individuals diving, I know it is possible and could be very beneficial - yet they have many of their own obstacles to overcome.

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    The Archimedes principle? Water displaced by weight creates bouyant force making it easier to lift. That is what a physics professor states ( online)

    I thought it was about density- and it's not only skip breathing that has co2 retention- exercise at depth- so I need to figure out if 40 ft is too much for a 20 minute workout

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