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Blog Comments

  1. SeekerOfJustice's Avatar
    Wonderful ready! Thank you for sharing. Remarkable!! Makes me consider something similar to be honest!!
  2. Crowley's Avatar
    I know the author of Found Barracuda Lost Wife... more of an acquaintance than a friend but he works in Sharm, same as I did. Nice guy. The book is something I definitely want to do; this is... hmmm... "training", shall we say!
  3. Crowley's Avatar
    Thank you both! I hope people do relate to it and I do find the process very cathartic - even the more humorous blogs were ways to vent a lot of frustration with the job.

    I have 9 years of adventures to get through so I hope people will stick around and keep up! Cheers
  4. PhatD1ver's Avatar
    C, that's not the MOST personal thing I've ever read, but it certainly is a very good narrative on how little 'having it all' means in life.

    To be honest, I can't completely empathize with you... I've been married to the same lovely woman for 30 years, we have four great kids and two grand babies... I have a decent job I like, great people around me, my wife enjoys teaching in the school here.

    But we are planning our get away... I guess ours already started in a different way, we have lived in China now for a total of 15 years, going home once or twice a year to visit parents and family, and now to see the kids who are all adults and our precious grandkids... but we find ourselves in the funk at times, not sure we are contributing to the world, or finding the meaning in our lives we really hope for.

    Your story is a good one, there is more we can look to, there are probably lots of young hipsters out there enjoying the sun and sand on their extended vacations and while they find themselves.... I've met some of them in Thailand and the Philippines as we get around... and I say let them take the time to find themselves... the 25 years plus that people will end up raising children if they buy into the 'game of life' and manage to keep their marriages together is a long time.. there are lots of pressures along that trail.

    I think you made the right decision for you, I hope that it's provided the key to happiness for your life, keep sharing, that was hopefully a very cathartic experience getting all that out.
  5. PhatD1ver's Avatar
    The book isn't hogwash, others have managed to make money from their experieinces, "Found Baracudda Lost Wife" comes to mind; and you'd be amazed at how quickly $0.99 on Amazon and Kindle will add up in your coffers... in fact if you follow the wisdom of a simple book on Kindle for how to make money doing it, you might just set yourself up finally.

    As it is, I've read excerpts of your opinions in the forums, and I look forward to hearing where all that experieince comes from .

    Write on!!!
  6. ScubaDoo83's Avatar
    Thank you for this. Relate-able and human. I'm looking forward to part 3!
  7. Crowley's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by 1bubbleoff

    Good to see ya back in the saddle so to speak. Been wondering when we'd hear from you again. I always look forward to your prose.

    Cheers mate and thanks - lots more to come and I'll pop into chat at some point :-)
  8. Crowley's Avatar
    @Budmanok for posting and @cmneus for liking - I may do that... I have a plan!
  9. BUDMANOK's Avatar
    write a book about your travels. it may turn into a revenue source
  10. Crowley's Avatar
    Thanks guys! Loads more to come - but don't want to post it all at once!
  11. cmneus's Avatar
    Very much looking forward to reading your story!!!!!
  12. 1bubbleoff's Avatar

    Good to see ya back in the saddle so to speak. Been wondering when we'd hear from you again. I always look forward to your prose.