I have many units of spare air made by aqua lung and SSI.

The units are called

Aqua Lung Sea (I have several different models, some with mirca 2nds and some with the newer flat octos not pictured)

SSI HEED III (these look like the Spare Air and made by the same company)

Prices are $110 shipped each for which ever unit that you would like. I accept payments through paypal and ship.

I have about 50 units and it is first come first serve. These units do not come with the fill adaptors, but at this price you can get them if you need them and still come out much cheaper.

Each unit will be serviced and made sure to be in working order before it is shipped.

Here is some information on theses units



photo 1.jpgphoto 2.jpgphoto 3.jpgphoto 4.jpg