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Thread: New to DIVE COMPUTERS... Difference???


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    EEK New to DIVE COMPUTERS... Difference???

    OK, I am new to diving and I absolutely enjoy it. I already bought all my gear and have been certified for a month now. I am looking for a Dive Computer. I really like Oceanic, and have read many good things from them. My question is what are the differences between the Veo 2.0 and the Veo 3.0??? Thanks!!!!!!

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    Personal Dive Computers - Oceanic Veo 3.0 with Dual Algorithm
    Personal Dive Computers - Oceanic Veo 2.0 with Dual Algorithm

    I spent a little time on the specs, and saw very little difference, except one has two pushbuttons and the other has three. But I didn't pore through, and you may want to.
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    Excellent find, Lynne!

    I got curious -- the VEO 3.0 is a multigas computer.

    At the bottom of the specs pages, the VEO3 has a "step back" through the menu (I assume the 2.0 makes you go all the way back through again if you miss a menu setting).

    And, the VEO 3.0 has a setting for "Set FO2 Value (%) Gas 1" and "Set FO2 Value (%) Gas 2".

    Therefore, you can swap to a different mix, such as for deco gas.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MAD-ERA View Post
    ...My question is what are the differences between the Veo 2.0 and the Veo 3.0??? Thanks!!!!!!
    Use the Dive Computers Research Tool to perform a ... side-by-side comparison.

    Both of them come with a free online class if you register the dive computer with Oceanic.

    Alberto (aka eDiver)

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    Before you buy, I'm just checking, did you consider the issue of whether you wanted an air-integrated computer or not Oceanic also makes air-integrated models. Not everyone chooses air-integrated, but it's worth considering whether you want one.

    And if so, then the issue becomes 'wrist computer with wireless transmitter' vs. a standard, 'SPG-style' computer on a hose (e.g.: VT4 vs. Pro Plus 2.1).


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