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  • Major Update to ScubaBoard - Phase 1 Complete

    Phase 1 of the Upgrade is complete.

    The database is now on the new version of vBulletin, and the look is different. I realize this will cause stress for some people, but there's no going back to the old look. It's gone.

    There is a lot more to do with this... so everyone have patience. Do NOT post 15 threads in site support, as it will only cause unnecessary aggravation (mostly on my part) and honestly, I'm not going to jump to fix someone's missing avatar, or favorite smiley right now.

    Things will be different for a few days, while we settle into this update. Our site is HUGE by vbulletin standards, and I don't want to put too much stuff in at once.

    Again... Please go easy on the bug reports. I know there are issues to be worked out. We are making every effort to accommodate all of these issues in as timely a fashion as possible.

    We at ScubaBoard appreciate everyone's patience, and good nature toward these new site enhancements which will ultimately enhance your overall ScubaBoard experience!

    Comments 41 Comments
    1. divermike1011's Avatar
      divermike1011 -
      Thanks for all the hard work you do!
    1. mrfixitchapman's Avatar
      mrfixitchapman -
      I've thought it over. I believe that I will remain patient and open-minded. This thing must have thousands of moving parts, and it'll take a while to make it run well.

    1. couv's Avatar
      couv -
      Ditto what DiverMike said....thanks.
    1. AbyssalPlains's Avatar
      AbyssalPlains -
      Thank you for all your efforts in improving the site! Will this overhaul make SB compatible with the mobile app Forum Runner? Last time I checked SB wasn't listed.
    1. Lee Taylor's Avatar
      Lee Taylor -
      Been using Scubaboard for many years.

      Like the changes, BUT

      On the recent posts page, the "started by" underneath the "topic" makes the topics much more difficult to read. Hard on the eyes in comparison to the previous format.
    1. ScubaSteve2000's Avatar
      ScubaSteve2000 -
      Nothing is where it is in my mom's Nash! (Radar O'Riley) But I'll be patient. Learn the new ways. Where the hell is the PM?
    1. ScubaSteve2000's Avatar
      ScubaSteve2000 -
      Found it! The new look is cool!
    1. JoyfulLee's Avatar
      JoyfulLee -
      I know that the site overhaul is a lot of work. And I just want to say thank you for all the time and efforts invested in this. Fabulous upgrades! Kudos to everyone involved.
    1. Bhtmec2's Avatar
      Bhtmec2 -
      The new look is OK BUT...... I have a slow internet connection and I am having a real slow browsing experience with the new upgrade. It is streaming way too much to browse in an normal way with the connections we have on the island.....

      I am patient and will hope it gets better........ If not it will reduce my capability to use the board....:popcorn: Plus my Avatar does not work.......
    1. papanano's Avatar
      papanano -
      I like the new site BUT all my trader feedback is gone and the countdown timer in my signature no longer works. trust me I know how much work it takes to make the changes that have been made so I'm hopeing that phase two comes quickly and addresses these issues.
    1. bleeb's Avatar
      bleeb -
      Quote Originally Posted by papanano View Post
      I like the new site BUT all my trader feedback is gone and the countdown timer in my signature no longer works. trust me I know how much work it takes to make the changes that have been made so I'm hopeing that phase two comes quickly and addresses these issues.
      To save Howard and Co from having to answer this again, the countdown timer is no longer supported in the latest version of the forum software, and unless someone can come up with an add-on that actually works it won't be coming back. (I think I heard several have been tried.)
    1. mikecotrone's Avatar
      mikecotrone -
      Great job guys! This new version of vbulletin is great! I do like that they are utilizing PHP!
    1. papanano's Avatar
      papanano -
      bleeb, do you know anything about the feedback or is it gone forever?
    1. dumpsterDiver's Avatar
      dumpsterDiver -
      Each thread on my computer takes a whole page. I can't really use the site like this. Can someone PM me a way to fix my settings or something???? PLEASE???
    1. gehadoski's Avatar
      gehadoski -
      Everything new is hard at first, but I hope this change is done for an improvment and not just changing in the design in the layout of the website. I will be patient and see what will happen :popcorn:
    1. Cratos's Avatar
      Cratos -
      keep up th good work I know what a PITA redong a site can be
    1. cathi1's Avatar
      cathi1 -
      I am just learning the site and still confused. I am trying to just find my way around so this is sort of a test post to see if my picture will show up
    1. drbill's Avatar
      drbill -
      As a Grumpy Old Diver, it is often difficult for me to adjust to new things and have to learn new tricks. However, I appreciate all the effort that the staff puts into keeping ScubaBoard functioning. I just hope I learn the new tricks before the next update (tee hee).
    1. eponym's Avatar
      eponym -
      Congratulations on the port. Seems to be working fine.

      After eight years on SB the visual changes were intially a shock but the content and core functions are still the same. I've adapted faster than I would have thought I could. In another week it'll be water under the bridge / air out of the reg.
    1. Jim Lapenta's Avatar
      Jim Lapenta -
      I still need my mobile version back. I had a lot of business over the weekend that was harder than necessary to conduct because my blackberry is too slow for the full version.
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