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Thread: Rental Wetsuit Sanitizer


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    Feb 2006
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    Rental Wetsuit Sanitizer

    I just completed my pool sessions for my OW cert and got quite a large number of red spots and pimples on the underside of my arms and on my sides. I assume it was from bacteria in the rental wetsuit, as I have worn wetsuits surfing all my life and never had this reaction. They kept appearing for a couple of days, but have started disapearing now.

    My question is if there are any good sanitizers out there I can rinse the rental wetsuit in before I use it? I told the dive shop, the appologized, and siad they rinse tham as well.

    I have a 3/2 full suit but will need to use a 7mm on my OW dive, and don't want to buy until next fall.

    Thanks with the help on this "not so nice" subject.


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    Only two kinds of divers in this world....

    "Those who pee in their wetsuits, and those who lie about not doing it."

    Seriously, several companies, like Trident, Sink-the-stink, Myzerine (spelling?)
    make wetsuit cleaners. Your local dive shop should carry several brands.

    problem is that you'd really need to soak it for a while and then rinse and let
    it dry to "kill" anything, which might require an extra days rental cost.

    A little bleach added to the water you soak it in would kill stuff too, but is
    likely to fade the wetsuit badly, which they might not like.

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    Feb 2006
    Tucson, Az

    One more reason not to rent!

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    Wash it with PineSol and rinse

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    Buy a long skin now. $50 and you'll use it with every suit, every dive, then wash yourself.
    You can test the tanks you breathe or - dive on hope.
    Testing is safer...

    Great news for vacation divers who cannot talk themselves into buying a personal CO tank tester!

    >> Rent one for a week or longer here <<

    Yeah it's just the air we breath - at depth!

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    Sanitizing wetsuits.+

    Products like Trident Wetsuit Cleaner, MiraZyme Odor Eliminator & Sink-the-Stink are primarily designed to rid the suit of odors. As with Pinesol, Simple Green and kindred aromatic cleaning products, they will not be very effective against a broad range of bacteria, viruses & fungi.

    If you wish to sanitize, then you'll want to look into products like SaniZide Plus, Virkon S, Advance TBE & Bi-Arrest 2.



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