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Thread: diving with ear tubes?


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    diving with ear tubes?

    My wife saw a patient the other day who told her that they had to have a special mask to dive because they had tubes in their ears. They said that the Ear Nose and Throat specialist told them that without (I'm guessing a full face mask that covered the ears somehow) they would drown. I could think of no possible physiological reason for it and my wife (stating she was no ear nose and throat specialist) couldn't either. I decided to post it to see if anyone else had dove with tubes and If there were any ENT specialists that were divers and could shed some more light. We both think the patient was fibbing or not really a diver.
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    The patient may have been referring to a ProEar mask that allows the wearer to equalize airspace it creates around the ears along with the rest of the mask.


    It's also entirely possible that the ENT specialist recommended it, but didn't know squat about diving otherwise.
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    Getting one's ears wet by swimming, snorkling or diving is not a good idea if drainage tubes have been inserted and are still present in the ear drum.

    A Pro Ear mask is a partial solution, but not 100% guaranteed. You can flood the mask by getting it kicked or bumped or just mispositioning an earcup.

    We just discussed the Pro Ear mask recently:


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    I agree, I have tubes in my ears and dive with the Proear mask and it definelty helps. I have taken it off completely underwater around 25-30 ft and some water gets into my ears but not much. My ear doctor is a diver and he said it is ok to dive with them, just to let him know before I go and he gives me antibiotics. I don't know much about drowning and ear tubes, but if it's true I guess I must have 9 lives b/c I haven't experienced that yet!!

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