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Thread: I got slammed by coral&maybe fire coral


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    I got slammed by coral&maybe fire coral

    O March 27 my husband&I were snorkeling in Cozumel Mexico. We got caught in the current&had to get out over coral. I got scraped up good on my butt inside arms&legs, I have raised welts&line rash going on body parts. It did not start t bother me till March30. Since then I have been on 80 mg of predisone&starting to go down on that,have 12 more days to go on that stuff.What I find interesting is living in south fl the docs never have seen this!!I also have MultipleScelorsis so this is going after my immune system&it is no fun!!The only that did make sence was the nurse in the er,she has seen this with surfers in Costa Rica&told me it could take 4 or more weeks to clear up. The dermatologist took a biopspy so wait&see what it has to say. Got anything that would help me understand what the heck happened,thanks ellen

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    Rash after coral exposure

    The possibilities that come to mind include infection, envenomation, and hypersensitivity (allergy).

    Your initial exposure would suggest #1 or #2,
    but the persistence might suggest allergy/hypersensitivity.

    \I would have to bow to the treating docs in terms of choices for treatment, as i have learned over the years that trying to sort out a rash without seeing it is very prone to error.

    The fact that your docs are using prednisone would suggest that they are suspecting allergy or hypersensitivity. The duration of problems would also suggest that, so they''re probably right.

    If I were treating skin hypersensitivity, (as an old family doc) and the rash were wet and weeping, I might try Dome-boro solution four times a day.
    If it itches I might try adding atarax or another antihistamine.
    If I was using an oral cortisone (Prednisone) I might also try a topical cortisone (Elocon or similar) cream on the skin. I know I sometimes concentrate on the problem throughout the body and forget that the problem is mostly local and that's what I should concentrate on. I suspect your doc has already thought of it, but it wouldn't hurt to ask.

    There are a lot of things in the ocean that are not commonly encountered in family practice or ER work.(I do both)

    Remember. coral reefs are different ecosystems than subtropical or temperate zones.

    Coral reefs have been referred to as " The rain forest of the sea" with good accuracy. We don't know as much about them as we would like.

    (If you know someone willing to finance in depth study for a year or so, say in Cozumel or Bonaire or Belize, I'd really love to talk to them..)

    In the meantime, yes, rashes occur and we can't always explain them. Your docs sound like they've got a plan.

    Good luck. Call me if you find someone willing to finance rash research.. I might even be willing to roll on coral to test it in exchange for a year or so in Bonaire or Coz.

    John Reinertson

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    Apr 2002
    Hollywood Fl
    John thanks for all the info. I go back to the dermatologist today&hopefully he will have the biopspy results. I really would like to write a article on this. I have had 5 incidents with a allergic reaction to foods&am allergic to iondine sulfur&latex,makes a nice mix with having Multiple Scelorsis. I am finding the humour in all this or I would be nuts!!!So I will keep you posted&thank god I did find a dermatologist that did help me.Thanks again Ellen

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    Apr 2002
    Hollywood Fl
    Well today is my last day on the predisone,26days. The welts&rash are finally going away.Got the biopsy results&showed I had hives,so that was good.You gave me alot to think about,water is the rainforest thanks. This will be one experience I shall not forget.Thanks again for your input&if I hit looto I be in touch,so you can go do your dive research. Ellen

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