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I have found availibility on a couple of options that fit into our time frame .....
1)Indonesia - 7 day Komodo liveaboard (Mermaid 2)
2)Palau - 7 night at Palau Paciffic resort with 5 days diving with Sam's tours plus Jelly fish lake

Any advise/recommendations would be greatly received.
I would prefer to save the philippines for long weekends as it's so close to Hong Kong ...I can pack lots of long weekends away in throughout the year . As i have a bit longer on this trip it would be good to take advantage and go somewhere else which takes a little longer to get to like the above options. I'm also interested in diving at PNG so if anybody has any recommendations on this that would be great too, Okinawa would be another option I would consider.

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Thank you Hike, this is a great help. I've just come back from Sipadan and it was amazing!! I will have a look into Layang Layang! I have found availibility on a Liveaboard in Komodo and also Landbased Palau for early june ....I just can't decide which would be the best option :/ Do you have any advise on the Maldives...I have friends getting married in Sri Lanka next March and I'm thinking of tagging this on to the trip
The Maldives is an easy add on if you will be in Sri Lanka, and March generally has excellent conditions. Lots of pelagics and schooling fish action as well as mantas. Best option is a liveaboard and there are heaps to suit different budgets. If you like wrecks and have time try some wreck diving in Sri Lanka.