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Thread: Selling gear


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    May 2001
    Martinez, GA
    My sister and brother-in-law are planning on becoming certified before October. They want to start purchasing gear in preparation. I offered them my Tusa RS-110 regulator and the back-up octo, the console gauge and an Imprex wrist mount computer, I also have a 3m shorty wet suit that would fit my sister. The problem is my brother-in-law is a pawn shop junkie. He wants to pay me $350 for this gear. If it weren't only 3 months old, and still under original warranty I could go that route. ( I decided to upgrade found that I really wanted a scubapro Mk-20 and an Aeris 500AI.) I looked up what I spent and it was $728 for this gear, I don't think I am being unreasonable to ask $450. I did use the gear for all of my dive classes and the OW certification dives, so maybe it has 12 dive uses on it. Am I out of line?? Am I stuck with this gear now or could it sell anywhere??

    Bottoms Up....Bubbles Up!!!!

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    Angelic One,

    The definition of a "good" sale in someone's book is one in which both the buyer and the seller are pleased. That is comment one.

    Many advisors warn of doing business with relatives--because you cannot just shut the door on them without sad consequences. That is comment two.

    Would you rather have a few extra bucks to pay for the "upgrade" or would your rather have a closet like mine with the old gear in it to remind you of the dives you took and the mistakes you made? That is comment three.

    A 50% mark down for used gear is very common for ski gear, cycling gear, and all sorts of other stuff. You can try to get more, but the competition is out there. That is comment four.

    And, now that you started the negotiations, can you back away gracefully? Or can you compromise and split the difference down the middle? Those are comments five and six.

    There is another web site--not nearly as good as this one--called Deep Diversions that lets its users advertise used gear. You might try going there and seeing if there is an equivalent offer by someone...BUT BE SURE TO COME BACK HERE!!!

    My last comment: isn't diving a lot more fun than the above?


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    May 2001
    Martinez, GA
    I say amen to that! I have considered offering my sis free use of the gear and lowering my returns. I do want her to get a start and I know with both of them getting in diving together they are looking to save as much as they can. I can humbly accept less, it just bothers me my dear brother-in-law wants to check out a pawn shop for gear. I know what condition mine is in. He could be asking for problems.

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    Hi Seaangel,

    If things don't work out with your brother-in-law and sister and you still want to try to sell the gear, you can always use our free classified at


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    Sea Angel...

    You could always tell your bro-in-law this:
    • "There's keeping your money, and then there's keeping your life."
    Like many other discussions we have had regarding the main bits of scuba gear, shortcutting the dollar could short cut your life.

    Perhaps you ought to invite him to "sit down" with us at his keyboard and allow us to "gently" (hides the big stick) convince him that a "pawn shop" does not equal "dive shop".
    Come join the NDI Texas Swamp Diving Team and see such wonderful things as....your hand before your face!

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