My sister just emailed this to me. I'm actually surprised that they still let people jump off the cliffs.... they've allowed it for years and years. That quarry is only about 20-25 feet in the deepest areas, so it makes me wonder what took the divers so long to locate the body. Of course, anytime I've been diving there, the vis sucked, and I'm certain that played a part. Here's the story:

St. Paul - A Cincinnati, Ohio man is dead after an accident at a private lake park on the Decatur/Shelby County line.

The Decatur County Coroner took the victim's body to Greensburg for family to identify. At that camp, a fun day turned fatal.

From Chopper 13, the search for a young swimmer missing in a quarry outside St. Paul, Indiana. It happened at White Rock Park, a private vacation area that straddles the Shelby/Decatur County line.

Divers from four agencies spent two-and-a-half hours searching the quarry for the 20-year-old man who was diving from atop a 40 foot tall limestone wall.

"He done some sort of special flip and jumped off the diving platform," said Christopher Vierling, the town marshal.

The divers' friends got in the water quickly to search for him but had no luck. A State Police diver found the body in 20 feet of water about 7:20 Monday night.

The coroner drove the 20-year-old Cincinnati man's body from the scene. Friends and family of the victim followed.

On a bad night, good advice from the Marshal at the height of the summer swimming season.

"Just make sure you have someone around and totally understand what you are diving into and what is below the water," said Vierling.

Police have not yet released the victim's identity. Late Monday night, they were still trying to reach his father.

Sad situation.