Some of you may have noticed the new button in the navigation bar that says SB Logbook.

SB Logbook is a new, highly user-friendly and versatile dive logging application for the digital world. It is the result of a collaboration between ScubaBoard and Diviac (a provider of cloud-based scuba diving solutions). The SBlogbook partners have put significant effort into re-thinking the scuba diving logbook from the ground up with the aim of making it more interesting, more relevant, and more social than ever.

It allows you to directly upload data from your dive computer, validate your logs digitally, link your dives to photos, videos, dive centers (9,000 on file), fishes (14,000 on file) and much more.

Check out all of the cool features of the SB Logbook by clicking on the link and accepting the terms and conditions of use and then enjoy. We think it's a great addition to the fun that is ScubaBoard.