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Thread: How do you control ascent with a breathable power inflator?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Lapenta View Post
    Disagree with the cost statement, all bc's come with an inflator, a second stage and hose can be had for as little as 75.00 for a good one. 110 or so for a really good one. How much is an atomic or scubapro air 2 device. And is it as streamlined or does it hang down a bit? And they are not all the same. Had a scubapro and an aqualung model in my rescue class. They did not operate the same, buttons were not in the same location, and they were more problems than they were worth IMO for the people trying to "rescue" the divers wearing them. Both of the divers planned on getting rid of them after the class in favor of standard octo set ups. Part of the rescue class I teach looks at configuring your gear for self and buddy rescue. Lowvis found out a few things about his tech set up that got him thinking. Other divers saw the importance of keeping things as simple as possible. Especially if it was their life on the line. Something that is not standardized and not taught to every diver how to deal with is not an optimal choice in equipment.
    So you want to spend an extra $100 to add an entire extra regulator on an extra hose, but you're complaining that an integrated second stage/inflator that adds nothing "isn't as streamlined"?

    Also, the SCUBAPro Air-2 and Atomic SS-1 have all the buttons in the same places. Not sure about the A/L.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Lapenta View Post
    Other divers saw the importance of keeping things as simple as possible. Especially if it was their life on the line.
    Thank you for making my point.

    You don't have to like them, however I also don't see any valid objections here either.


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    To ascend while using the air 2 begin kicking up. Dump air from whichever dump is highest if you have air in it. Watch your computer to guage speed. Don't rush, keep breathing. I think that about covers it. Your buddy should be right there with you. Now if you are doing a rescue or something - wait, that wasn't part of the question was it? For a simple ascent who uses air in their bc to make the trip up? I'm certainly not an instructor but I've made a lot of ascents. At least one per dive I've NEVER utilized air in my bc to carry me up. Knock on wood but I've never needed to dump my weights either - inspite of the fact that I had no air in the bcd for ascent
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