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Thread: Considering a used reg. Which should I *not* consider?


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    Considering a used reg. Which should I *not* consider?

    Hey all,

    I know this may be a broad question and I'm not looking for an all-encompassing answer. Just a little guidance.

    I'm in the market for a used reg. My diving is in warm water with some deeper dives like the Duane (130' max). I'm looking for a balanced reg that can also be used with nitrox. I'm not a pro diver and really don't expect to be. Just looking for a good breather that will serve me well at all depths.

    Are there specific regs/brands that I should *not* consider due to limitations based on what I listed, bad performance or parts availability? I'm especially concerned about the last two.

    Appreciate the help.


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    Generally if buying new name brand gear, your best deal for the money will be 2 models up from the entry level product.
    If buying used get the top of the line model because you can probably resell it if you decide to purchase new with warranty.

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    I would not get a Sherwood SR1, based on my less-than-favorable impression of one that a friend has. Not much of a sample size, but there are so many great choices out there that it doesn't make sense to get anything without a stellar reputation.

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    Pretty much any mid range model of most of any of the major brands are fine, there is not much real difference between them. I do agree with halocline, the SR-1 is the one exception. It has a bad record and IMO is way over engineered. Parts and service on any major brand is usually not a problem, this is esp true of Scubapro and Aqualung (aka US Divers)

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    Don't pay more than half of the retail price.

    Because: You'll have to factor the cost of the service, and you won't be getting the "free parts" deal (Scubapro, Aqualung) if you are not the original owner.

    So make sure that the deal you are getting on a used reg makes it worth you while. There are some sellers out there that are quite proud of their used regs, look for the realistic ones.

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    I don't know anything about your area, but are the number of LDS a factor?

    Whatever you get, you want to make sure that your shop can service and get parts for you as needed. Might be worth a chat with them to see if they are limited on what they can service. Unless you have many options, or do your own work, then my theory is blown out the window
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    Don't buy something you can't have serviced locally and/or service yourself (this may not be as big a problem in Florida as elsewhere). Also - when you think you've settled on a used reg, I strongly encourage you to price check it against some of the great new regs out there (specifically Hollis and/or HOG) which can be cheaper brand new than some others are used.
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    Talk to your LDS and see what kind of deals they can actually work with you to get you into a new reg or maybe a staff member wants to "key man" a new setup. Also look at what you might want to do with your diving in the future and invest towards that instead of spending a hundo on a used reg, hundo on service (or more) just to find that you are not 100% satisfied with what you settled for used.

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    Getting parts for Dacor can be difficult.
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    What's that scuba acronym?
    List of scuba agencies.

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    When my kids started to dive, and I need quite a bit of gear, I spoke with the LDS and purchased several of their used rental/class regs (Sherwood Blizzards, in our case). That way, they were serviced when I purchased them, and I knew the LDS would continue to service and stand behind their merchandise. Worked out well for us.


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