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Thread: Hollywood dive movies?


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    "Loose lips sink ships" 1977 Scuba porn? I will have to look into that
    Peace T.

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    Hello Tjack,
    Came across this rare British film on you tube "Forbidden Cargo"circa 1954 dive equipment supplyed by "Siebe Gorman"

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    My favorite was Zombie.

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    I think the best films:

    La Venus des mers chaudes 1955 (english version) , Jane Russel ,Gilbert Roland ,Richard Egan.. equipments Aqua Lung such as commercials..awesome scenes ,very best-case scenario..

    Boy on a Dolphin , Alan Ladd,Sophia Loren , American used Aqua Lung equipments in Mediterranien too) mediterranean delights..

    Death İs a Woman (no one didnn't write about it) Mafia ,narchotic and beautiful but lethal woman ..

    All equipments are primarily vintage..Movies of the 60's 70's years.

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    "La Venus des mers chaudes" Is the American movie "Underwater"

    From my files which I posted for some other thread involving Jane Russell

    "Jane Russell lived the last part of her life on the Central coast of California in a town called Santa Maria. She lived across the street from a social friend so I saw her on occasion and got to know her rather well. In contrast to the current Hollywood stars she was a very reserved religious hospitable lady who was unimpressed with her Hollywood career.

    During the later part of her long life she required a live assistant.

    On occasion, mostly at social functions I am in contact with her daughter in law Etta who is active in Santa Maria politics and social events. I seldom see her son Bucky Waterfield who generally remains out of the spot light.

    John Sturges, married my cousin Bob's ex-wife, Cathy. They lived in a small beach community in Baja California, Mexico, until John's health declined They moved back to the US settling in San Luis Obispo, which is about 30 miles north of where Miss Russell resided.

    In contrast to his wild movies John lived a quite life in retirement keeping to himself and seldom socializing. He passed away quietly about 15 years ago. It has been some time since I had contact with Cathy."

    Last edited by sam miller; July 29th, 2013 at 06:57 PM.

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    Dr.Sam Miller ,you are a living history and well known in my country too..thank you very much for the information you gave..

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    I have watched into the blue, the cave, fools gold, sharktopus, sanctum,big miracle and dark tide.
    Office space for rent Singapore at http://www.office-space.sg

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    Here is an updated list, thanks for the additions.

    Here is a list of movies with diving content (divers in the water) this is primarily a list of Hollywood drama type films, a few documentaries of note are included.

    I used IMDb to find movies tagged with Diving or Scuba. Synopsis of the films are likewise from IMDb.

    Films with ??? after the date may or may not have actual underwater footage of divers. If anyone can verify weather or not there is dive footage in a film please post it here.

    Star ratings are based on Scubaboard posts recommending these films, as well as diving content.
    *= Some diving content verified
    **= Diving is part of the story
    ***= A dive film, recommended by multiple sources
    ****= Classic dive movie ie. the Deep

    I’m sure there are more out there here is what I found so far.

    20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1916)
    Silent film some of the earliest UW filmmaking, Jules Verne

    The Navigator (1924) *
    Buster Keaton dons a diving suit for a hilarious underwater sequence silent movie.

    The Sea Bat (1930)
    The West Indies island of Portuga exists mainly for sponge diving. But the best area of collection is frequented by a very large manta ray

    Below the Sea (1933) *
    A wealthy woman funds an underwater expedition to explore for marine life, but what she doesn't know is that her "colleagues" have other intentions

    No More Women (1934)
    Two deep-sea divers, "Three-Time" and "Forty-Fathoms," battle to salvage sunken gold at forty fathoms deep in the ocean.
    Both go to work for Helen Young, the owner of a tug-boat and a salvage business.

    Mutiny Ahead (1935)
    A wealthy playboy winds up getting himself involved with mobsters and a search for buried treasure.

    The Best Man Wins (1935)
    A diver saves his best friend's life but loses his own arm in doing so. Later, unable to find work because of his missing arm, he is forced to go to work for a criminal searching for lost treasures

    Titans of the Deep (1938)
    Prominent scientists Dr. William Beebe and Otis Barton, using the Bathyspere invented by Barton, descend several thousand feet to the ocean floor off of the shores of Bermuda to study and film sea creatures seen and filmed at that depth for the first time. A sometimes staged semi-documentary that was often sold and advertised as an exploitation/horror picture.

    Mr. Moto's Last Warning (1939) *
    Moto (Peter Lorre) thwarts a ruthless band of international agents who try to foment an international incident by mining the entrance to the Suez Canal and blaming the British. Hard hat diving and a diving bell with UW footage.

    Reap the Wild Wind (1942) *
    Clipper ships taking the shortest route between the Mississippi and the Atlantic often end up on the shoals of Key West in the 1840s. Salvaging the ships' cargos has become a lucrative business for two companies,
    John Wayne

    We Dive at Dawn (1943) ???
    War time submarine

    Wake of the Red Witch (1949)***
    John Wayne treasure hunting, wreck jumping and intrigue.

    Operation Disaster (1950) ???
    aka Morning Departure (original title)
    British Submarine trapped on the sea floor.

    The Frogmen (1951) **
    World War II drama about underwater demolition divers. OK underwater footage of both free diving and scuba knife fight. Richard Widmark

    The Sea Hornet (1951)
    "The Sea Hornet" was a merchant ship sunk, supposedly by a torpedo, less than a mile off the California Coast during World War Two. Six years later when his buddy is killed, attempting to blow up the sunken ship deep-sea diver "Gunner" McNeil has his suspicions aroused...

    Smuggler's Island (1951)
    The lead dives at the crash-site but discovers he's been tricked into retrieving a cache of gold bars

    Mara Maru (1952) *
    An American salvage diver plunges into dangerous intrigue around a sunken treasure in the Philippines, Errol Flynn

    King of the Coral Sea (1953) *
    Rod Taylor film debut –Pearl divers upgrade from helmet diving to the modern aqualung, great underwater scenes

    Jamaica Run (1953)
    Some diving content, filmed in Jamaica

    Beneath the 12-Mile Reef (1953) ***
    Greek Sponge divers out of Tarpon Springs Florida

    City Beneath the Sea (1953) *
    Two American divers are distracted by fair ladies and skulduggery while trying to salvage a gold ship off Jamaica

    20000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954) *
    Disney version of the Jules Vern classic

    Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954)**
    Lots of UW footage

    The Golden Mistress (1954)
    Search for lost tribe treasure

    Monster from the Ocean Floor (1954)*
    Julie, an American on vacation in Mexico, spots a giant, one-eyed amoeba rising from the ocean, but when she tries to tell the authorities, no one believes her. She finally teams up with a marine biologist in an attempt to destroy it

    Frogwoman (1954) ???
    Mizar (original title) Wild Explosive Exploits Of An Incredible Woman Saboteur! Italian
    Forbidden Cargo (1954) * British film about customs agents trying to intercept drug shipment.

    Underwater! (1955) ***
    Original title La Venus des mers chaudes. Treasure hunters dive off of Cuba, with Jane Russell oh la la.

    Above Us the Waves (1955)
    The attack by British midget submarines on the German battleship "Tirpitz" in a Norwegian fjord during the Second World War.

    Revenge of the Creature (1955)
    Creature from the Black Lagoon sequel

    Creature Walks among Us (1956)
    Creature from the Black Lagoon sequel

    The Silent World (1956)
    Jaques Cousteau’s first Documentary

    Manfish (1956) *
    Three deep sea divers get involved in murder while searching for a lost treasure.

    Godzilla, King of the Monsters! (1956)
    Yes the Godzilla, destroyed by divers at end of film

    Zombies of Mora Tau (1957) *
    Underwater Zombies foil salvage op, hardhat diving with simulated UW scenes. Tethered ascent with zombies hanging off the diver, campy.

    Hellcats of the Navy (1957) ???
    Down . . . Down . . . Down . . . into enemy waters with the fightin' hellcats of the U.S. sub pack ! Ronald Reagan

    Ghost Diver (1957)
    Rico, a South American diver, seeking the lost treasure of the Paracas, finds a Paracan idol, with its eyes of sun and moon, and realizes he has found the key to a fortune

    The Monster That Challenged the World (1957) **
    Great Sci-Fi camp with Scuba divers batteling giant snails.
    “An earthquake in the Salton Sea unleashes a horde of prehistoric mollusk monsters. Discovering the creatures, a Naval officer and several scientists attempt to stop the monsters, but they escape into the canal system of the California's Imperial Valley and terrorize the populace.”

    The Incredible Petrified World (1957)**
    Four adventurers descend to the depths of the ocean when the cable on their underwater diving bell snaps, Sci Fi loosely based on diving theory, lots of double hose scuba. Opening scene has great UW footage from SoCal with Giant Sea Bass and Sheapheads.

    Boy on a Dolphin (1957) ***
    Alan Ladd, Sophia Loren, find a priceless ancient bronze under water. Good real UW footage of freediving and double hose scuba with lots of wildlife, triple tanks manifolded together and strapped on are a vintage diver's dream. Filmed in Greece

    Wraki (1957)
    Polish dive film aka ‘The Wrecks’

    The Silent Enemy (1958)
    In the Mediterranean in 1941 the Italians start using underwater chariots to mine the undersides of allied ships. Explosives expert Lionel Crabbe arrives in Gibralter to organise defences, but finds only two British divers available to help him.

    Underwater Warrior (1958) *
    Based upon the life of Commander Francic D. Fane (USNR), _UnderWater Warrior_ follows the evolution of the US Navy's Underwater Demolition Unit from its inception near the end of World War II through its acceptance and finally successful utilization in Korea. Landmark underwater camera work makes _Underwater Warrior_ a milestone in cinematic history

    The Wreck of the Mary Deare (1959)**
    A disgraced merchant marine officer elects to stay aboard his sinking cargo ship in order to prove the vessel was deliberately scuttled and, as a result, vindicate his good name, Gary Cooper. Great nautical story line with 15 minute double hose scuba scene at the end of the movie.

    Forbidden Island (1959)
    Skindiver tries to recover sunken treasure before a group of thieves learn of its existence

    Up, Periscope (1959)
    Wartime in the Pacific, James Garner

    September Storm (1960)
    Three men and a fashion model use a yacht to go diving for gold coins off the coast of Spain.

    The Atomic Submarine (1960)
    Ships mysteriously disappear on route across the Arctic Sea, and a specially-equipped submarine is sent to investigate

    The Secret of the Purple Reef (1960)
    After Robert Christopher and his ship mysteriously disappear in the Caribbean, his two brothers -- Mark and Dean -- travel to St. Kitts to begin their own investigation, Richard Chamberlain

    Mysterious Island (1961)
    During the US Civil War, Union POWs escape in a balloon and end up stranded on a South Pacific island, Jules Verne

    Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1961) *
    Admiral Nelson takes a brand new atomic submarine through its paces.

    Dr. No (1962)
    James Bond

    Thunder Island (1963)
    A Central American woman hires an American hit man to asasinate the former dictator of her Island country

    Goldfinger (1964) ?
    James Bond is back in action! Parts filmed in Jamaica

    Raiders from Beneath the Sea (1964) *
    A down-on-his-luck California apartment house manager hatches a plan to rob a Catalina Island bank--and escape with his accomplices using scuba gear.

    World Without Sun (1964)
    Jacques Cousteau’s 2nd Documentary

    Thunderball (1965) ***
    James Bond Scuba spectacular

    City in the Sea (1965)
    The City Under the Sea (original title) aka War-Gods of the Deep. Vincent Price, Set on the Cornish coast in 1903, the film features a group of people discovering an underwater society of smugglers who never age living in a lost underwater city along with their gill-man slaves

    The Embalmer (1965)
    Il mostro di Venezia (original title) Italian horror, A crazed killer is on the loose in the catacombs of Venice, Italy. He stalks beautiful women, drags them to his underground lair, kills them, then stuffs them and adds them to his "collection."

    Destination Inner Space (1966) ???
    Strange goings on at the site of an experimental underwater laboratory as a mysterious object of unknown origin is detected in the area.

    Around the World Under the Sea (I) (1966)
    The crew of a five-man submarine travels the world oceans, planting sensors on the ocean floor to warn scientists of any impending earthquake

    Love is a Woman (1966) *
    Original British title “Death is a Woman” Femme fatal with a dive knife.

    Easy Come, Easy Go (1967) *
    Elvis on Scuba???

    Come spy with me (1967)
    A young girl and his friend saves the world from an underwater bomb

    Catalina Caper (1967)
    A group of swingin' teens take time out from having fun in the sun to try to foil a group of crooks searching for a stolen scroll

    Submarine X1 (1967) ???
    War time midget submarines

    Daring Game (1968)*
    Seahunt the movie? Lloyd Bridges

    Lady in Cement (1968)
    Frank Sinatra scuba flick

    Submarine X-1 (1969)
    After losing a submarine and fifty crew in a battle with a German ship during WWII, a Royal Navy officer gets a second chance in a daring raid with midget subs, British
    Peace T.

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    Black Water Gold (1970) *
    TV Movie A scuba team, a marine archaeologist and a Mexican historian join forces to reach the wreck of an historic Spanish galleon before a well-armed commercial expedition does.

    The Aquarians (TV 1970)
    Ricardo Monelban salvage divers

    Blue Water, White Death (1971) ***
    Documentary quest to film Great Whites in the wild. off Australia, South Africa and the Mozambique channel. Amazing UW footage, great dive documentary. This film was an inspiration for Jaws.

    When Eight Bells Toll (1971) *
    In a vein similar to Bond movies, a British agent Philip Calvert is on a mission to determine the whereabouts of a ship that disappeared near the coast of Scotland.

    Scuba (1973)
    The story revolves around the experiences of three couples, Brooks Fleig and his wife Kit, Lee Turcotte and his wife Helen, Bradley Fuller and Alice Fleming, traveling and diving the Caribbean Islands on a chartered sailboat.

    Juggernaut (1974)
    Some unknown maniac is threatening a navigation company to blow up one of its luxury transatlantics

    Jaws (1975) ***
    When a gigantic great white shark begins to menace the small island community of Amity, a police chief, a marine scientist and grizzled fisherman set out to stop it. Great scuba scenes

    Sharks' Treasure (1975) *
    Eccentric charter skipper Jim Carnahan and his team of hard-luck dreamers battle sharks, bandits and their own greed to recover sunken treasure off the coast of Honduras.

    Maco: Jaws of Death (1976) *
    A Vietnam vet uses his ability to talk to sharks as a weapon against his enemies.

    The Deep (1977) ****
    The Scuba Classic, divers discover wreck full of morphine and more,

    Airport ‘77 (1977) *
    Airplane crashed into oilrig, survivors rescued from the deep by divers

    Tentacles (1977)
    An enormous and angry octopus besieges an ocean harbor town after a greedy construction owner (Henry Fonda) made a tunnel in the ocean and disturbed it's home. Bo Hopkins, Shelley Winters and John Huston go out to sea along with killer whales to track it down and kill it. Bad Horror with some cool 70s dive gear and scenes

    Jaws of Death (1977)
    DIVER Magazine’s very own Publisher, Phil Nuytten stars in this forgotten classic. Watch Phil wrestle a giant octopus as a group of researchers attempt to swim with killer whales in Alert Bay. No trailer available. Yes, it’s that obscure.

    Loose Lips Sink Ships (1977)*
    Scuba porn

    Barracuda (1978)
    Little coastal town is being terrorized by deadly Barracudas.

    Jaws 2 (1978)
    Police chief Brody must protect the citizens of Amity after a second monstrous shark begins terrorizing the waters.

    Hunters of the Reef (TV 1978)

    Cruise Into Terror (TV 1978)
    Thriller about a vacation cruise in the Gulf of Mexico, during which some of the passengers find an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus in an underwater cavern.

    Spawn of the Slithis (1978)
    A nuclear leak creates a mutant Slithis sea monster, which terrorizes the variety of pets, winos, and hippies who hang around Venice, California.
    Diver on SCUBA collects soil samples, no UW footage.

    Ffolkes (1979) *
    North Sea Hijack (original title) When terrorists take over two oil rigs and threaten to explode them if their demands are not met, a unique commando unit is sent in to stop them, Roger Moore

    Up from the Depths (1979)
    A giant shark-like creature preys on Hawaiian tourists

    Zombie (1979) **
    Italian horror, A ghost ship appears in NYC harbor, leads searchers to a Zombie infested island in the Caribbean. One classic UW scene, near naked girl diving with Tiger Shark and Zombies! Zombie battles shark, filmed off Isla Mujeres.

    Killer Fish (1979)
    Jewel thieves attempt to recover treasure from piranha infested waters. Mistrust and betrayals happen amongst the gang in the quest for gold, Lee Majors, Karen Black

    Sunburn (1979)
    A private dick. A classy chick. An old guy named Al. As detectives they were second to everyone, filmed in Mexico, Farrah Fawcett

    Zombie Holocaust (1980)
    More Italian horror, The members of an expedition in search for the last faithful of Kito, the cannibal god, land on a small island in the Moluccas (East Indies) and are soon hunted by cannibals and zombies

    Raise the Titanic (1980)
    To obtain a supply of a rare mineral, a ship raising operation is conducted for the only known source, the Titanic, Clive Cussler

    Goliath Awaits (TV 1981)
    People trapped in a wreck for years discovered by divers

    For Your Eyes Only (1981) *
    James Bond

    Piranha II: The spawning (1981)
    A silly horror with flying piranhas and lot of scuba scenes- directed by James Cameron.

    Never Say Never Again (1983)
    James Bond Scuba

    Jaws 3 (1983) ???
    The sons of police chief Brody must protect civilians at a Sea World theme park after a gigantic 35-foot shark becomes trapped in the par

    Love is Forever (1983) *
    Based on a true story: a journalist rescues his lover from Laos under water, diving in the Mekong River, made for TV

    Local Hero (1983) ???
    An American oil company sends a man to Scotland to buy up an entire village where they want to build a refinery. But things don't go as expected

    Wet Gold (TV 1984)
    Treasure hunt off the Florida Keys, Brooke Shields

    The Patriot (1986)
    Agent tries to track down terrorists who are intercepting government nuclear weapons

    The Quest (1986)
    Australian film Frog Dreaming (original title) American boy, Cody, whose parents have died, lives in Australia with his guardian, Gaza. Cody is very imaginative, inventive, and inquisitive. He comes across some strange events happening in Devil's Knob national park associated with an aboriginal myth about "frog dreamings"

    Oceans of Fire (TV 1986) **
    Oceans of fire is said to be the closest thing to the real world of commercial diving in the Gulf of Mexico.
    Peace T.

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    Jaws: The Revenge (1987)

    Black Widow (1987) *
    A federal investigator tracks down a gold digging woman who moves from husband to husband, kills them and collects the inheritance.

    Demon of Paradise (1987)
    Hunters become the hunted when illegal dynamite disturbs the ageold slumber of a carnivorous lizardman

    Amsterdamned (1988) *
    Scuba killer in Amsterdam

    The Big Blue (1988)****
    French free diving film, although not Scuba this is a favorite amongst divers

    Leviathan (1989)*
    Underwater deep-sea miners encounter a Soviet wreck and bring back a dangerous cargo to their base on the ocean floor with horrifying results,
    Alien rip off, Atmospheric diving suits, mostly fake UW shots.

    The Dive (Dykket) (1989)**
    Two divers trapped in a diving bell. Norwegian and English

    Deep Star Six (1989) *
    At the bottom of the ocean, the Deep Star Six has just discovered a new and deadly alien menace.

    The Abyss (1989) ***
    A civilian diving team are enlisted to search for a lost nuclear submarine and face danger while encountering an alien aquatic species

    The Evil Below (1989) *
    A down-on-his-luck sea captain goes treasure hunting for a wrecked Spanish galleon that is rumored to be cursed by God and protected by supernatural forces.

    Navy Seals (1990) ???
    While rescuing an American air crew captured by Mid-Eastern terrorists, Lieutenant Curran and his team of Navy SEALs discover evidence that the terrorists have come into possession of dangerous high-tech weapons

    National Lampoon's Last Resort (1994)
    Direct to video

    Dangerous Waters (1994)
    Smugglers dump 50 million dollars worth of cocaine in the sea. Trying to recover the contraband drives a corrupt coast guard colonel to piracy and murder

    Flipper (1996)
    Film based on popular TV series

    The Rock (1996)
    A renegade general and his group of U.S. Marines take over Alcatraz and threaten San Francisco Bay with biological weapons. Sean Connery

    Speed 2: Cruise Control (1997)
    A computer hacker breaks into the computer system of a cruise liner and sets it speeding on a collision course into a gigantic oil tanker. Sandra Bullock

    Sphere (1998) Dustin Hoffman
    A spaceship is discovered under three hundred years' worth of coral growth at the bottom of the ocean.

    Deep Blue Sea (1999) *
    Tiger Shark research gone wrong, Horror with Samuel L. Jackson

    Lake Placid (1999)
    Crocodile on the lose in Maine?

    Cabin by the Lake (TV 2000)

    Men of Honor (2000) ***
    Cuba Gooding Jr. trains to be a Navy hard had diver

    The Blue Planet (2001) ***
    BBC documentary series Excellent

    Shark Attack 2 (Video 2001)
    Mutant sharks are back, this time choosing Cape Town, South Africa as their hunting ground. Two sisters diving near a wreck in the reef are attacked by a shark

    Frogmen Operation Stormbringer (2002)
    Navy Seals

    Shark Attack 3: Megalodon (Video 2002)
    When two researchers discover a colossal shark's tooth off the Mexican coast their worst fears surface - the most menacing beast to ever rule the waters is still alive and mercilessly feeding on anything that crosses its path

    Below (2002)*
    Strange happenings occur on a WW II submarine. Diving to repair hull.

    Ghost Ship (2002) * Salvage crew find haunted ship off Alaska, short
    SCUBA scene attempting to repair hull, Julianna Margulies

    Finding Nemo (2003) ***
    Animated UW film much loved by divers. Scuba content???

    Coral Reef Adventure (2003)*
    IMAX Documentary

    The Italian Job (2003)
    Uses Scuba for gold heist scene

    Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life (2003) *
    Lara Croft is on a quest to save Pandora’s box.

    Aquanoids (2003) ???
    On a small island off the California coast it's the Fourth of July and tourists are washing up dead in Babylon Bay, once again! In 1987, rumor has it that mysterious sea creatures called Aquanoids were responsible for 17 vicious deaths

    Red Water (TV 2003)
    A freshwater shark wreaks havoc as it heads up a Louisiana river.

    Open Water (2004) *
    About stranded divers but not a favorite of divers, go figure?

    After the Sunset (2004)*
    Woody Harrelson After a successful last score, a master thief retires to an island paradise. His lifelong nemesis, a crafty FBI agent, washes ashore to ensure he's making good on his promise. The pair soon enters into a new game of cat-and-mouse

    The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004) ***
    Bill Murray and his crew take their Scuba research ship on an expedition. UW scenes animated.

    National Treasure (2004)
    A treasure hunter is in hot pursuit of a mythical treasure that has been passed down for centuries, while his employer turned enemy is onto the same path that he's on. Nicolas Cage

    Blast (2004)
    A terrorist posing as environmentalist hijacks an oil rig off the coast of California with the intent of detonating an electromagnetic bomb over the US

    Sahara (2005)
    Clive Cussler story. Explorer Dirk Pitt goes on the adventure of a lifetime of seeking out a lost Civil War battleship known as the "Ship of Death" in the deserts of West Africa while helping a UN doctor being hounded by a ruthless dictator.

    The Cave (2005) *
    Bloodthirsty creatures await a pack of divers who become trapped in an underwater cave network

    Aliens of the Deep (2005) **
    Documentary James Cameron teams up with NASA scientists to explore the Mid-Ocean Ridge, a submerged chain of mountains that band the Earth and are home to some of the planet's most unique life forms

    Into the Blue (2005) ***
    Jessica Alba. A group of divers find themselves in deep trouble with a drug lord after they come upon the illicit cargo of a sunken airplane.
    Great UW footage , salvage diving similar to the Deep

    The Last Kiss (2006) ???
    Romantic comedy

    Kraken: Tentacles of the Deep (2006)*
    Made for TV movie. Treasure hunters encounter Giant Squid. Cold water diving off BC, underwater action scenes.

    Sharkwater (2007) **
    Documentary In an effort to protect sharks from fining. An UW videographer teams up with renegade conservationist Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Their unbelievable adventure together starts with a battle between the Sea Shepherd and shark poachers in Guatemala, resulting in pirate boat rammings, gunboat chases, mafia espionage, corrupt court systems and attempted murder charges, forcing them to flee for their lives. Real life drama, with UW footage from Coco and Galapagos Islands. A must see for Sea Shepherd fans.

    King of California (2007) *
    An unstable dad who after getting out of a mental institution tries to convince his daughter that there's Spanish gold buried somewhere under suburbia. Michael Douglas on SCUBA dives under a Costco for lost treasure.

    Encounters at the End of the World (2007) *
    Werner Herzog Documentary, Antarctic diving especially on bonus features

    Fools Gold (2008) ***
    A new clue to the whereabouts of a lost treasure rekindles a married couple's sense of adventure -- and their estranged romance.
    Matthew McConaughey lots of UW footage

    The Cove (2009) *
    Using state-of-the-art equipment, a group of activists, led by renowned dolphin trainer Ric O'Barry, infiltrate a cove near Taijii, Japan to expose both a shocking instance of animal abuse and a serious threat to human health., stealth diving

    Oceans (2009)
    An ecological drama/documentary, filmed throughout the globe. Part thriller, part meditation on the vanishing wonders of the sub-aquatic world

    Into the Blue 2: The Reef (2009)*
    A pair of professional divers are hired to find lost weapon. Straight to Video crap.

    Piranha (2010) *
    Piranhas attack

    Inception (2010) ????
    In a world where technology exists to enter the human mind through dream invasion, a highly skilled thief is given a final chance at redemption,
    Leonardo DiCaprio

    Sharktopus (2010) A half-shark, half-octopus creature created for the military, creates a whole lot of terror in Mexico while a scientist who helped created it tries to capture/kill it.

    Sanctum (2011) **
    Cave diving gone terribly wrong, do you have your back up light?

    Deep Gold (2011)
    Filmed in and around the islands of Cebu and Palawan in the Philippines. Amy Sanchez (Bebe Pham) is a champion free diver who breaks a crucial free diving record. Her boyfriend, Tony de la Cruz (Jack Prinya), an Air Force Pilot, mysteriously disappears along with his plane that carries gold worth millions of dollars that was to be taken to the Central Bank

    Big Miracle (2012) *
    In small town Alaska, a news reporter recruits his ex-girlfriend Drew Barrymore - a Greenpeace volunteer - on a campaign to save a family of gray whales trapped by rapidly forming ice in the Arctic Circle.

    Dark Tide (2012)
    A professional diver tutor returns to deep waters after 1 year, following an almost fatal encounter with a great white shark. The nightmare from the deep is still lurking - more carnivorous and hungry than ever.

    So what’s missing?
    Peace T.
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