Swaying, rocking
and the breeze in my hair,
leading me to the place
I long for.
It calls for me,
caresses my skin,
bringing my hopes up.
We slow down,
but my heart starts racing.
I am going to down.
I pull on my gear
and smile through my reg
cause the men all think I'm crazy.
I step to the ledge
look at the sea
and know that I am home.
Taking my stride
I drop like a rock
then I pop to the top
and wait for my buddy.
He doesn't know
that he is keeping me
from a peace that I can't explain.
We descend together
I know he is there,
but I am looking for something else
The water gets cooler
as I slowly make my way down.
I look back to make sure
that I have not lost him.
He knows that he
should just follow.
I can just make out his bubbles
so I wait.
5 more feet
I feel it calling.
4 more
I hear my name
I can see it beckon
can almost touch it
I am there.
Who could have known?
I didn't know.
That it would take me
going 50 feet below the surface
to feel like I was in heaven.