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View Poll Results: How many cylinders do you own?

147. You may not vote on this poll
  • Just 1 cylinder

    5 3.40%
  • 2

    19 12.93%
  • 3

    14 9.52%
  • 4

    13 8.84%
  • 5-10

    48 32.65%
  • 11-15

    25 17.01%
  • I lost count of how many cylinders I own!

    22 14.97%
  • Boat Owner

    23 15.65%
  • Recreational Diver

    82 55.78%
  • Tech diver

    49 33.33%
  • Cold water diver

    76 51.70%
  • Warm water diver

    54 36.73%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: Poll: How many tanks do you own? Rec or tek? Boat Owner?


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    Deep South Divers's Avatar
    Join Date
    Jan 2010
    Beaufort, South Carolina, United States
    5,000 - ∞
    I'm not at the shop, but off the top of my head:

    16 AL80s set up for singles
    3 AL40 dedicated stage bottles (we can also stage our single AL80s on the fly - all bottles are clean)
    4 AL13s. AL6s and AL4s for various uses
    1 pair of AL80s doubled
    3 6000 psi banks in the cascade that I didn't think to count the other when someone asked me the same question
    (I think that's right - there may be more tanks not in service)
    What's that... Like 25 or 30 depending on if you count the cascades

    1 really badass little Bauer compressor with cascade banks, regulator and fill panel that fills tanks cold and dry in 6 minutes - her name is "Trinity." She's a real sweetheart.
    (I'm including this because if we didn't have Trinity, we'd have more tanks - a lot more)

    23' McKeecraft cuddy outboard with hard top and full Eisenglas
    19' Sea Hunt center console outboard with soft top
    35' Bertram "the junk pile"
    30' pontoon "in the works"
    All fully equipped with Lowrance HDS-10 GPS/Chartplotter with integrated side scan sonar (we are sponsored by Lowrance), VHF, onboard and Doppler radar, 800 Mhz county emergency radios, and emergency lights
    There's also access to several other boats, barges and cranes donated by clients and subcontractors... Some of which are equipped with Humminbird sidescanners.

    My company is a commercial dive operator - we respond to emergencies, do a lot of underwater demolition and construction and repair on a per-job basis, and of course, do a ton of boat cleaning. We also have a new reality TV show that should be out this Fall, and have worked with the Discovery Science Channel in the past.

    You didn't ask about trucks, metal detectors, magnetometers, scooters, wet/dry suits (we are sponsored by DUI and O'Neill), lift bags, regulators (interested in seeking sponsorship), cameras, or other large-investment dive-specific equipment (or for that matter, the shop itself and all the heavy equipment - some of it run by another compressor), so I'll skip that. I recently gave away three steel 72s and four 2400 psi cascades. I passed on two small Bauer compressors, too... We weren't going to use them, and they'd just take up space in the shop and need VIPs and hydros and maintenance...
    SeaJay Bayne
    Owner, Deep South Divers

    "Running out of gas at depth is a lot like playing near a set of train tracks... Look, you know exactly where the train is going to be when it gets here, so don't be in it's way when it is, okay? So long as you remember that golden rule, it doesn't matter if you play on the tracks or not."

    "There is no nobility in leaving artifacts on the bottom of the sea, for she is brutally efficient at erasing history forever. The wreck diver is the dead’s only hope of being remembered."

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    Has not set a "status"

    Join Date
    Mar 2011
    buffalo, ny
    1,000 - 2,499
    My husband and I own 22 tanks - 8 aluminum, which he prefers, the rest are steel. We have our own boat and dive Lake Erie as often as possible. We usually get in 75 to 100 dives each a year. Oh, I forgot the set of 98 doubles we have for sale so that makes 24. We are just recreational divers, no deep dives, no tech dives or wrecks.

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    Has not set a "status"

    Join Date
    Jan 2013
    Montgomery, AL
    Back from the dead, kinda on the topic.

    What is a good starting point for a new divers to have tank wise? Looking at picking up some aluminum 80s for me and the wife for some weekend diving here and there locally.

    I was thinking three a piece was enough for a day of diving?

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    Dive Industry Professional

    Has not set a "status"

    Steve Barsky's Avatar
    Join Date
    Mar 2007
    2,500 - 4,999
    Quote Originally Posted by Sherrodmustang View Post
    Back from the dead, kinda on the topic.
    What is a good starting point for a new divers to have tank wise? Looking at picking up some aluminum 80s for me and the wife for some weekend diving here and there locally.
    I was thinking three a piece was enough for a day of diving?
    It really depends on where you live and the type of diving you do. My wife and I own a small boat (22 feet) for diving and we never go out with less than 3 tanks each for a one day trip, since we don't have a compressor on board and most small compressors are slow). (Total of 6 tanks on board). Our transit time to and from diving is about an hour each way and we have to clean the boat and gear on return, so there is rarely time for more than 3 dives.

    Conversely, if we dive off a charter boat in Southern California, all have compressors capable of filling a tank quickly (or they will usually have additional tanks). If you shore dive, then it's a question of how much energy you have. Beach diving in So Cal through surf takes a lot of energy, and most people don't make more than one beach dive a day.

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    Has not set a "status"

    Join Date
    Feb 2013
    200 - 499
    Wow. Just two for me. Most of the boats I've been on, they only want you to bring one, due to space issues, and they fill it from the on-board compressor between dives. Maybe two tanks if there are only a few of us going on a large enough boat.

    Although I've got six 200's, six 100's, and a whole cabinet full of lecture bottles for the different kinds of gases I use in my lab. You wouldn't want to breathe most of those, though.

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    sampling good bourbons while
    waiting for the ice to melt...

    rhwestfall's Avatar
    Join Date
    Feb 2011
    "La Grande Ile"
    100 - 199
    well, I need to increase my reported total by 2..... added a pair of HP120's......

    getting GOT a Kraken!!!!

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