Dear Spearos,

We are pleased to announce that we are now an authorized reseller of the Innerlock detachable spear tips.

Innerlock SP3 Detachable Tri Barb Tip

The Innerlock SP3 Detachable Tri Barb Tip is unlike any detachable slip tip previously seen in the spearfishing community. Unlike conventional slip tips, the SP3 Detachable Tri Barb Tip does not use the stainless steel cable or spectra cord to secure the slip tip to the shaft adapter. Therefore, the tip never falls off, no matter what the conditions. It will even stay put with the bands unloaded. With the SP3, the detachable tri barb tip is inserted into the adapter and the adapter serves as a pass through anchor point for the stainless steel cable. So….No need for a slide ring either.

Also unlike conventional slip tips, the SP3 supports 3 mechanical barbs (or mini floppers if you will). Upon impact, the razor sharp tri cut tip penetrates easily and when pulled, the 3 mechanical barbs immediately deploy as the tip is separated from the spear. Because the barbs are positioned near the tip, the detachable 3 barb tip actually deploys sooner than that of a conventional slip tip and works on any threaded shaft with a 6mm thread pattern.

Thanks for taking time to read this guys. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve such a great community.

With the addition of the SP3, as well as our other new products such as our Yamamoto wetsuits, Enclosed Track Railguns, fiberglass fins, ULV Freedive masks, Kona Kill Knives, Tin Man Pinch weights and AR15 handles, we hope to continue to offer good quality products at a very reasonable price with unmatched customer service.

Thanks again guys.
Dive safe,