Some new AQUATIC allies join the fight against Lionfish in Roatan

Much has been written about the ongoing battle with the invasive lionfish population that is growing in the Caribbean and Gulf Coast. The invasive lionfish have no known natural enemies and are currently causing destruction to many once thriving reef populations. Sunday, in an exclusive interview with, Nic Bach of the National Roatan Marine Park in Honduras, talked about some unique behavior that is starting to occur in the waters of Roatan that provides a glimmer of hope against the spread of Lionfish.

According to Bach, the local snapper and grouper population now follow divers as they hunt lionfish with spears and nets. "It’s not like we are trying to train the fish or alter natural behavior, but every time we get in the water with tools (spears) to collect lionfish, the snappers and groupers swim right beside us. In fact, they even show us where the lionfish are hiding," he explains.

Some are skeptical about this change in behavior, but more than a few dive operators in the Caribbean have reported similar situations. In the Bahamas, stories have spread about sharks eating lionfish, and in Bonaire, similar stories have been reported.

Says Bach, "All we have to do spear them, then the other fish sometimes fight to take the speared lionfish right off of the spear.”For more details on the Lionfish battle, read some of the links below:

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