Canon EOS R Underwater Camera Review

Take a look at the gorgeous color produced by the Canon EOS R in full 4K resolution with our underwater test footage.

©Jim Decker - Canon EOS R Underwater Camera Review - The Canon EOS R packs such great image quality that we call it the “Mini-5D Mark IV”
Canon EOS R | Canon 8-15mm Lens | 1/125 | ISO 200 | ƒ9  


The Canon EOS R is Canon’s debut in the full-frame mirrorless arena. It’s got outstanding image quality that’s so good, you can essentially consider it a mini-5D4. It feels right at home performance-wise among fellow full-frame mirrorless systems like the Nikon Z7Sony a7R III, and Panasonic S1. What sets the Canon EOS R apart from the competition is the stunning ambient light custom white balance video color produced in-camera. Even at depths up to 70 feet, the Canon EOS R produces video color that requires little to no correction in post - a spectacular feat for any camera. However, these results don’t come without some compromise in the control set, operation, and execution.


©Jim Decker - Canon EOS R Underwater Camera Review - This blenny was captured with the Laowa 24mm Macro Probe Lens, a manual focus only lens. Thanks to the Focus Peaking of the Canon EOS R we could easily dial in the shot for the correct critical focus point with confidence.
Canon EOS R | Laowa 24mm Macro Probe Lens | 1/60 | ISO 1600 | ƒ40


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