Olympus TG-5 Underwater Camera and Housing Review


Still the Undisputed King Of Macro

Olympus was able to get us an early release of the new Tough TG-5 camera and PT-058 housing. We were able to shoot it on the island of Bonaire for some macro and wide angle testing, and to see how this new camera stacks up against one of our all time favorites, the previous model, the Olympus TG-4.

The Olympus TG-5 carries on with probably the coolest feature ever for an underwater camera, microscope mode. Think of it as super macro on steroids. Olympus TG-5 has the highest reproduction ratio out of ANY camera currently on the market. With this camera, there is no subject too small to shoot.

This is probably the most advanced update to the Olympus Tough line of cameras we have seen yet. The list of updates is impressive — 4K video, hi-speed 1080 video, improved low-light performance, image quality of the new sensor, waterproof to 50ft without a housing, microscope mode’s insanely powerful macro, professional-level features like manual focus with focus peaking, plus much more. With its small size, top level performance, and ease of use, it’s a great camera for a primary rig or a secondary backup camera for your BC pocket or boat use.

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www.BACKSCATTER.com - Reviews: Olympus TG-5 Underwater Camera and Housing

A strobe snoot was used for this shot of a blenny. The sharp detail in macro impressed us and rivals the detail of some mirrorless cameras.

With a wide angle lens, the Olympus TG-5 can shoot impressive wide angle shots with great detail, color, and sharpness.

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  1. I took the Tg-5 to Bonaire July 15-22 and tiik a few pictures with it. I was not very successful with the macro wet lens and found that the microscope mode was pretty descent. But this was my first time to use it and really did not know what I was doing. But really liked the wet WA lens. I also used a sub-par strobe and video light.<br />-----<br />

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