Olympus TG-6 Review: The Easiest Underwater Compact Camera

See why we think the Olympus TG-6 is the easiest camera to get great results with underwater in our video breakdown. 

We love the Olympus TG-6 for its extremely simple operation, outstanding macro ability, and the great image quality produced in both photo and video. It’s our pick for the Best All-Around Underwater Compact Camera in 2019, and it’s an ideal camera choice for not only beginners but also SLR shooters that are looking for a backup or macro-specific camera.

In this article, we’ll break down what makes the Olympus TG-6 so easy to use and how to get great photos and videos with it. We’ll look at some of the advanced features that allow for more control and creativity in your images.

We believe that every underwater photographer could benefit by having an Olympus TG-6 in their kit, so read on to learn why!




The Backscatter M52 Wide Angle Lens lets you get very close to the subject but still lets you see this groupers habitat. 

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  2. Very close to pulling the trigger on this. Thanks for the review!<br />-----<br />
  3. Number 1 on my Christmas list!<br />-----<br />May your soul rise up to heaven before the Devil knows you're dead!
  4. I ought the TG6 and housing and have two Big Blue VL4200P video lights all mounted on a custom camera platform. My first use diving with the TG6 will be in Bohol from the end of next week. Still bringing my trusty Go Pro Hero4 which I use for widescreen video in 2.7k Using the TG6 to film and take photos in Super Macro in Apature mode.<br />-----<br />If evolution works, why so many idiots?

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