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Dr. Doug Ebersole
Last Activity:
Sep 8, 2021
Sep 18, 2004
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Home Page:
Lakeland, Florida

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Dr. Doug Ebersole

Instructor, Scuba, Male, from Lakeland, Florida

Dr. Doug Ebersole was last seen:
Sep 8, 2021
    1. Diver4242
      I'm 62, Divemaster at Dutch Springs PA - dive, lug tanks, weights. In 2019 aneurysm was 4.1mm, 4.3 in Oct, 4.8 now (4/8/21 CT report below). Is it safe for me to dive?

      There is an ascending thoracic aneurysm measuring 4.8x4.8 cm in the axial projection at the pulmonary window. There are bilateral lung nodularities, largest measuring 6.8 mm at the right upper lobe and at the left apex measuring 7 x 6.7 mm.
    2. Eric Muscat
      Eric Muscat
      Hi Dr. Doug Ebersole
      I was doing free diving and when i did the deep dives (30m-40m) the day after i begin feeling like minor confusion and a month and a half later i am still the same. I am worrying that i have a VSD but iam not sure i never had problems with gym and runing... do you have any ideas what it can be ?
      thanks very much
    3. carlameeske
      Hi Dr. Debersol - I have a question if you may. I thank you kindly in advance. Bottom line question is - is it possible that a TEE would NOT find a small PFO? Is it possible that a small PFO would open under a full breath at 20 feet, and that this pressure situation is not easily mimicked while a person is getting a TEE and could have been missed? And if so what arer the best next steps for testing or evaluation? Do you have a trusted colleague in Phoenix?

      Now the background. I had DCS in February that required two trips to the chamber. My dive profile was 2 dives a day, 7 days in a row, max depth 45ft, average 25-30 feet. I was taking 40-90 minute surface intervals, and I was ascending very slowly with a lot of time (10-20 minutes) at 20-15 feet before surfacing. On the last dive I felt a sharp painful tweek in my chest in the heart area. I have felt this many times when taking a full breath at depths of 20 feet or more. I thought it it was my fascia stretching from the stretching posture of diving. My DCS involved my brain and I ended up with mild brain trauma like a head injury person. (All healed now!) My cardiologist heard the symptoms and believed it was a air embolism from a PFO causing a stroke and heart attack. He did the TEE and couldn't see a hole. At the end of the procedure he said that the next step was to send me in for a scope, but 2 weeks later he reevaluated and decided that it was a simple DCS. I am not sure. After 3 months I dove again, and at 15 feet on the safety stop I took a full breath (not huge, just the slow deep breath I was trained to take), and twange, the pain again. I can't create this pain on land or in the pool. I have often gotten mild DCS symptoms in the left shoulder area after diving, and didn't realize it until this big hit where I got to experience the pain full bore. So I am ultra suspicious, but not sure where to go next for further evaluation.
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    Home Page:
    Lakeland, Florida
    Certification Agencies:
    Certification History:
    SSI/SDI/NAUI/RAID open water instructor, IANTD Trimix instructor and IANTD & TDI Kiss CCR trimix instructor, IANTD CCR Cave instructor
    Certification Level:
    CCR Trimix Instructor
    Dive Classification:
    Instructor / Assistant Instructor / Dive Master / Dive Con
    Years Certified:
    Ten Or More Years
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    • Dräger Dolphin
    • Kiss
    • rEvo
    • Titan
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    IANTD and TDI CCR Trimix Instructor
    Florida Sales Agent, Kiss Rebreathers