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    Looking for a dive shop offering 4 dives a day

    Wouldn't let "cattle boat" comments sway you - that said I'm not trying to build Dressel up as the dive op to use. Just sharing some info. What is true about the Dressel boat is that there could be more divers on the boat but there will be a max of 8 divers per DM (the number of total divers...
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    Ever wonder why your carry on gets searched

    My buddy did that on our return trip from Hawaii. Checked bag had already been checked through. Security check found the knife in his carryon dive gear backpack. He walked from the airport to a post office that had to be at least a mile away (carrying his dive gear backpack) and mailed the knife...
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    Ever wonder why your carry on gets searched

    Years before my dominoes fiasco (a couple of posts up) I had been pulled out of the line immediately after presenting my ticket at the gate - happened twice - both in the Caribbean somewhere. As was explained to me, there was a pre-printed code letter on the ticket which was the indicator to...
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    Ever wonder why your carry on gets searched

    My checked bag used to get tossed every time we traveled. After a few trips and just by chance, I changed the way I packed things and started carrying a certain item in my carryon suitcase - my checked bag was no longer checked, but my carryon was. I had a suspicion and put the certain item in...
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    Sam Miller III: ScubaBoard's first "Scuba Legend"

    I think it's important to note that Sam did begin his life as a Hoosier!! Happy Birthday Sam!!
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    Snorkeling gear for kids

    A couple of years ago I purchased a Speedo youth mask and snorkel set for my granddaughter. She's tried it the last couple of summers, but the snorkel is pretty short (just a regular tube type) and it is hard to position it to keep water out - she also had a hard time keeping a seal with the...
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    dive shop recommendation

    Not sure about the rooms, but the diving part is pretty good - it includes 3 things one normally has to pay for with Aldora: 16% tax of $15.20 per 2 tank dive, marine park fee of $4.50 per day, and $10 per tank for nitrox - a total of $39.70 per 2 tank dive savings. A different type of deal...
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    dive shop recommendation

    Not sure when the OP plans to go, but my trip is getting nearer (end of November.) I plan to do a quick check/update of all of the dive ops I put in the chart in the thread that Don referred to. Will do that within the next 2 weeks and get it posted.
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    Scuba travel fins, full foot

    FWIW - I also went with full foot fins (ScubaPro Twin Jet) years ago to reduce weight - most of my diving is warmer water. Fins I took on a trip were dependent on water temps. After a trip to Kauai in 2019, I now also plan ahead to see if there are possibilities that I will do any shore dives. I...
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    Saint Croix.....First Time Thoughts

    That is a good question and agree with what @Regulatrix posted. Armegeddan (dive site), the dump site of the old pier didn't have the same type of growth as the current pier (may be different today as I haven't been back to St. Croix in 8 yrs.) Armegeddan is a deeper site ~90', so that may be...
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    Dive Log Suggestions

    I have been using Dive Log for quite a few years and can recommend it - easy to use with an iPhone. There is a "+" sign on the dive list screen that allows you manually add a dive. See the link below (same as already posted) for the iPhone screenshots App Store with info for Dive Log (iphone)...
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    Saint Croix.....First Time Thoughts

    Glad you enjoyed the trip and that Nep2une still has a great staff. I requested Aquarium every time I went to St. Croix. Lots of fish. Quick story - just last week, my wife got my attention to look at the tv (not sure what show it was) as there was a tiger tail sea cucumber which she had never...
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    If you booked a trip with AA Miles... Check out the latest Miles Cost.

    Did the same - booked in Feb. for Nov/Dec trip. In Feb. I didn't have enough miles for both wife and I so used 42,000 mi for me and she paid outright with a $125 voucher we had. Total for both - $443.56 for taxes and ticket. This morning I would have the 60,000 miles (which I also had in Feb.)...
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    What really is an "Advanced Open Water" diver?

    Cenotes—cavern diving. Safe for AOW diver? This came back up on recent posts, but makes me rethink something I wrote a few posts back - "the only truly confusing thing about AOW and thus OW is the depth limit." I stand corrected! Maybe I should have written the "most confusing." There were good...
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    COVID vaccine vs. natural immunity

    You know you're good when you know what the other person is saying!! :) Sorry, couldn't resist - carry on.