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    decrease heart rate after strong effort under water

    Be sure a heart arrhythmia is not involved. Look up Wolf Parkinson White syndrome. I had a martial arts student who experienced similar symptoms that you describe and at 15 years old he discovered he had an arrhythmia. He thought the fast beating heart was normal and it wouldn't slow down for a...
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    Safety helmet

    I am diving FFM...OTS. I am currently using a Stihl (for tree work) hard hat the has adjustable head band...overlapping straps, not a knob adjuster. I drilled a small hole in the top to allow venting of air. It works well so far.
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    Hazmat Training with Drone Capabilities

    Impressive footage...good example of how they can give a look that is otherwise impossible...and without risking a responder. In your description, change "turing" to "during" "Drone test capabilities turing" Thanks for sharing that.
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    Line of Duty Death of Firefighter Jim Reardon of North Dakota

    NORTH DAKOTA FIREFIGHTER LODD UPDATE: The wife of Deceased Volunteer Firefighter Jim Reardon has made contact with the Fire Academy of North Dakota and indicated his death was caused by a sudden cardiac event/heart attack that's reported to have been irreversible at the time that he was...
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    Line of Duty Death of Firefighter Jim Reardon of North Dakota

    This info from a site that follows FF accidents/events: NORTH DAKOTA FIREFIGHTER DIES WHILE PREPARING FOR WATER RESCUE TRAINING DETAIL The Secret List It is with deep regret that we advise you of the Line of Duty Death of Firefighter Jim Reardon of North Dakota...
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    Recovery in N. GA

    Our dive team was on call for this situation. Several dive teams were involved on site: N Ga News | News Archives | Contact North Georgia News | Subscriptions | Resources Divers recover 18-year-old Hiawassee man’s body from Lake NottelyBy Charles Duncan North Georgia News/Towns...
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    The ROV has arrived

    What a great tool to have. Details?
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    Bitter sweet day

    I know you were an asset for your department and team...I am glad you have been an asset here. Your experiences that you share serve all well that want to learn from them. Congratulations on your long and devoted career. Please keep working with us here.
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    U.s. Navy diver dies after training accident

    I still have not learned the details...prayers for all. Navy diver who died during operation identified Credit: EODMU-12 Facebook Posted on January 28, 2012 at 9:12 PM Updated Monday, Jan 30 at 2:46 PM Related: US Navy, Marines join eight countries for amphibious assault training...
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    Thanks, Blades, for taking the time to respond. I know rescues are few and far between but when they do work what a gift to the victim and the families. Diligent training helps us have a chance to make a difference...sharing ideas and experiences here is a great way to get exposure to other's...
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    Search Dogs for Water

    Excellent post, Agatti. Our team leader just helped with the water certification evaluation of several HRD dogs last week. He piloted our dive boat while evaluators checked the dogs. They put HR in the water at various points and had the dogs "do their thing". He noted that some dogs were...
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    A selfish post

    I got ya, are right, there are several ways to skin the cat. I understand your "no posting" for call outs..good point. I am still learning a lot as we train and know there is a lot to learn. I post some things to get feedback from folks to see how they are doing things (e.g., when...
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    A selfish post

    Good level headed response...I appreciate that. What struck me wrong is his first post onto a forum (PSD) that is a very serious topic asks for help with a vacation. True, it was labelled "selfish" which, I guess, makes it OK. My son is a 4 year firefighter..I love LEO's, FF's, medics and...