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    Hello, Got an issue on my last scuba trip. One would usually get rid of normal vigneting by zooming a little. In my case, I got vigneting while zooming, and only on the top and bottom left side of the image. Just like if the lens was ''offset''. I get the same unwanted effect with the...
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    Forra diving

    I replied to Laruejud on a PM
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    where to go in Cuba

    Don't know about the bullshark season in Santa Lucia. However, if you are considering Jardines de la Reina but don't want to spend a whole week in a LOB, your closest option is Cayo Largo. Give this a look.
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    Forra diving

    I stongly recommend against booking daily or LOB dives with them while in Koh Lipe. PM me for details.
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    Oktavia Thanks to Karin & Bernie

    Had a great time with Oktavia's new team end of December!
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    where to go in Cuba

    Jibacoa is on the north shore. In January, I wouldn't recommend any of the North Shore of Cuba. Atlantic can be frisky and quite rough. Furthermore, weather can be surprizingly low if you get a North wind. I would rather recommend Cayo Largo, on the South side. On top of warmer weather...
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    Ice diving in a wetsuit... crazy?

    Dear oreo.. I did Flintkote last August and July for Deep and Night certifications. Water temp went as low as 2.7 C. In wet suit. It's cold but for a short while, it's feasible.
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    Divemaster for a fee?

    I've been DMing near Montréal for the last 2 years. The scuba shop I work with doesn't pay for assisting with pool session or certification. Some instructors share their income, some don't. After a while, I knew who I wanted to work with... However, the shop covers insurance and PADI fees...
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    here we come Thailand, here we come...

    Follow Quero's advise... And she can help you organize your diving while in Thailand. That's what she did for me and I will be there in less than two weeks now... CAN'T WAIT!!!
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    Holguin - Playa pesquero

    Was at the Blau. Forth time threre.
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    Holguin - Playa pesquero

    Guides are still as friendly as before. Couple of spanish words here and there plus some t-shirts and beers and you get friends for life. However, boats were overcrowded with couple of other dive shops closed... It was not as much fun as previous years. Unfortunatly, I won't go back there...
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    What are your biggest pet peeves?

    Amen!!! And there is way too many. Just like on my last dive vacation.. That guy looked at my camera and ask the infamous question '' does it take good pictures?''. Whitout letting me aswer that it alle depends on the guy who's actually taking the picture, he started to talk about how great...
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    Holguin - Playa pesquero

    Gear all packed... Ready to leave! Chris: I should be at the dive shop for 8:30 on Monday. Hope to meet you there.
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    How old of air to breath?

    There is no ''expiration date'' on fills. I work in the compress gas industry and, even for medical gasses, we do not have ''expiration date''.
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    Holguin - Playa pesquero

    Is Jorge still leading dives there?