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Last Activity:
Jun 21, 2021 at 2:22 PM
Oct 21, 2003
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Home Page:
Washington State
Product designer.

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Dive Equipment Manufacturer, from Washington State

RonR was last seen:
Jun 21, 2021 at 2:22 PM
    1. grfrim

      We have owned Cobalt 2 dive computers since the original release. While we have had minor issues both my wife and I love the computers. Now that Atomic has decided to discontinue them I would be interested to know if anyone else is looking at your design for a new computer? Thanks
      1. RonR
        I'll start a conversation with you as this space allows very limited comments. We do have new computers in progress.
        May 30, 2021
    2. Ivan Vasquez
      Ivan Vasquez
      Hey Ron! I just bought an used Cobalt 2 with allegedly very little use. Problem is that at first you had to push hard the right button for it to take input compared to the other buttons which are super sensitive to touch. Now that button just wont work any more. Is there an easy fix for this or would I have to replace some parts? I am in Costa Rica and haven't found any Atomics dealer here. Thanks a lot!
    3. jwhite83
      I own an atomic cobalt version 1. I have had issues with the dive log incorrectly reflecting actual dive info. Today I dove to 100 feet; my cobalt showed 100’ as did my other (Suunto) computer as did the computer of my dive master. Yet after my dive the cobalt showed a max depth of 63 feet. Also it listed a second dive today which I did not make. What should I do?
      1. RonR
        Dec 11, 2020
    4. Ron Jones
      Ron Jones
      RonR- I have a Cobalt w that is dead and won't charge. Tried a cold boot. Can you help ?
      1. RonR
        I will start a conversation with you, as this area is very limited as to message size.
        Sep 14, 2020
    5. kimbernator
      Hi, I have a cobalt 2, which after only 4 dives won't start a new dive. Screen displays tank pressure and depth but doesn't go into dive mode once under water. Any help welcomed.
      1. RonR
        I'm going to start a "conversation" with you here, as this profile posting is very limited as to message length. Look for a ScubaBoard message.
        Nov 14, 2019
    6. bagger56
      Ron, I tried to flash my Cobalt 2 but it wouldn't take the flash so I tried the bootloader method, the screen went black. Now I can not get the computer to doing anything, it won't turn on. I would like to unplug and then re-plug in the battery to try a restart that way but I don't see how to unplug the battery. Can you tell or show me how?
      1. RonR
        I'm going to start a "conversation" with you as these profile posts don't allow much text. Look for the message.
        Nov 12, 2019
    7. Freddy Dunaway
      Freddy Dunaway
      I've seen that you may have a solution on how to delete the dive LOG on a cobalt computer.. could I ask you for that information as well.. I have 2 corrupt dives and I cant download past those dive.. thank you for your help.. freddydunaway@yahoo.com
      1. RonR
        I'll send you this in a message, as this part of ScubaBoard doesn't allow for enough text. Or check our section in the Manufacturer's forums underOcean Concepts.
        Aug 26, 2019
    8. ebonnett
      Ron, I guess you're the Cobalt 2 Guru and for that, I thank you. Got a bit of a problem. My battery ran completely dead. Now it will not charge or turn on (not sure which). I did the manual reset and the bootloader window came up as expected. I copied the latest firmware file into the bootloader directory and ejected the device. Nothing. Can you suggest anything? Thanks in advance!
      1. RonR
        I'm going to start a ScubaBoard "conversation" with you as this area is very limited as to message size. 1st thought: are you doing the reset with the USB still connected? that will put it into boot mode. it needs to be unplugged.
        Jun 30, 2019
    9. adzemery
      Dear Ron,

      I hope this post finds you well.

      I understand you are the go to person for Cobalt troubleshooting.

      In short, the compass has disappeared on my cobalt 2 screen. When I press the button it will let me set bearings such as 90, 180 etc, however no compass appears. I have updated the firmware and restarted the unit. I am now at a loss as to what more I can do. Any insight would be much appreciated.

      1. RonR
        Sorry for the delay in replying, I missed this as a message.
        If your compass doesn't display, it is because the firmware is not getting good data from the compass chip. There are limited to messages in this part of ScubaBoard, so I am sending you a message to help with diagnostics. -Ron
        Apr 12, 2019
    10. wheezy
      Hey Ron, Cobalt 1 is black screen on failed firmware update. Hung forever and now nothing. May I have battery removal instructions please. Thank you!
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  • About

    Home Page:
    Washington State
    Product designer.
    Dive History:
    Mostly West Coast US, cold water.
    Certification History:
    Started with NAUI in 1970.
    # of Logged Dives:
    I just don't log dives
    Dive Classification:
    Dive Equipment Manufacturer Owner / Employee
    Years Certified:
    Ten Or More Years
    Rebreather Experience:
    Worked in the diving industry for many years (over 25), in sales, marketing, design, and manufacturing.


    Our SB support page:
    Ocean Concepts
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