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    Anyone know of any charters from Pompano down to KW that’ll be open on thanksgiving?

    Are you saying Key West? Why wouldn't you just drive there and get a local charter? Running a boat 400 miles has got to be ridiculously expensive and time consuming. Sam
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    Feet Heavy

    I had a similar problem and bought something similar to these ankle weights which I could wrap around the tank neck. It couldn't go anywhere and was out of the way. Since it was farther from my center it had more effect than weights on my waist / center of gravity. Adjustable QR Ankle Weight...
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    Shearwater Perdix AI SAC calculation

    You can click on the graph and view SAC for each stage of your dive. Went back through my history and not sure why some dives have it and others don't, Shearwater's display of this seems to change over time. Quite a useful feature, you can look at your usage for example SAC for descent, SAC...
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    Photogrammetry Camera

    Photogrammetry is hard to do with strobes. Even lighting is needed across 100s to 1000s of photos. Therefore a large sensor is very desirable for photogrammetry.
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    Has anyone made a computer model of a wreck?

    Agisoft Metashape has a 30 day trial. Try it on land first, you need a lot of pictures, before you try it underwater with reduced visibility. A gaming desktop works best one you get to large models like a school bus size.
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    IDC Choices: 2 Week vs 12 Month Internship

    What does your current employer have to say about it? Using my GI Bill I went with PADI then crossed over to SSI for my local shop. Since I was not their student they require me to intern (work for free) for three courses for each course I want to teach. How much work will actually gain by...
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    Taking the full face mask course, does anyone have the crew pack?

    Ocean Reef instructor manuals can be downloaded here Training | OCEAN REEF Diving The instructor manuals are quite extensive and more of a combination student / instructor manual. Also note there are separate mask and comms manuals so grab both. I was quite impressed when I demoed one and...
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    Suit filed in case of "Girl dead, boy injured at Glacier National Park

    While I agree with you not all agencies can pre-order certifications its hardly unethical. SSI lets me future date a certification. I can for example date a certification for next Tuesday and print a physical c-card. If the student completes all the skills this weekend we hand the student...
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    What are some of your worst entanglement experiences?

    I guess that would be why other divers have been calling though carbiners "suicide" clips. Thanks for the real life is example.
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    Certify Open water students in Both SDI and PADI?

    This is commonly done for PADI self reliant / SDI solo. Even though the PADI course is more extensive some places want to see the word "solo".
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    Full Face Masks

    Benefits of FFM can be no fog, better view, warmer, less exposure to dirty water, and what really got me looking into it, potentially makes an O2 seizure more survivable. The Hollis / Kirby FFM is the traditional tec FFM but it looses a lot of the FFM benefits and I felt like I was looking...
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    Full Face Masks

    What brand is the FFM? The Hollis/Kirby is frequently used by rebreather divers.
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    BCD Failure

    My wife had a similar situation first dive after having her BCD serviced. Coming up from diving the Lady Luck in Florida the whole power inflator and deflector assembly came off. Probably a little easier to handle as it'll hold air as long as you're horizontal and keep the hose down. We...
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    Does anyone ask to see your logbook?

    This happened occasionally to me in New England where the diving is a little tougher. Usually it was just a verbal quiz of date of last dive and if I’ve dove similar conditions.
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    How to don a condom catheter

    Unfortunately DAN says that doesn’t mix well with nitrox.