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    UTD Recreational Equipment Questions

    Note: I'm not sure the best place for this post, but this is for anyone knowledgeable with UTD, not necessarily just their staff. So after various frustrations with the PADI system, I really like what I've read about UTD and the training seems to be much closer to what I think is needed to...
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    Trim: How To Distribute Weight

    This is one of those questions that I know "you'll have to try it yourself" to get perfect, but I'd just like a starting point. I have weight in three spots: belt, front BCD pockets, and BCD "trim" pockets at the back hugging the bottom of the tank. Any opinions about the best way to...
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    NAUI Master Scuba Diver: what exactly is it

    Out of curiosity I started looking at the NAUI Master Scuba diver program, after seeing it mentioned on here. Now I have no background with NAUI so have only been pounded by PADI's promotional items about their "Master Scuba Diver" which is really different. I guess there's 3 main questions I...
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    Shipping Scuba Tanks

    I have a pony bottle that I'm going to have to ship (twice) in the next few weeks. The first time is going to be within Canada, the second will cross into the US, if that matters. Do you need to empty or partially empty the tank or fill out anything special or anything along those lines? I'm...
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    How can GUE/UTD work with so few instructors?

    This is kind of a curiosity question since I'm a long ways from tech, although I may take a funadmentals class at some point. But I'm looking on GUEs site, and in the United States there are only 5 technical instructors, and only one who can teach the Tech 3 class. Is technical training for...
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    How Do You Actually Get PADI Master Scuba Diver Cert?

    I know the requirements for Master Scuba Diver, but considering it's not an actual course, how do you actually get this cert? Do you just write PADI and tell them to look at your record and honor system you have 50 dives or what? Thanks.
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    When To Do Rescue Course?

    So hopefully when I get to Seattle in another couple months I can do a ton of diving over the next four months. I like to do a mixture of courses and diving without an instructor to both learn new skills and improve existing ones. I'm trying to think what courses I should do in this time...
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    Tobermory Dive Operations

    Hey, so considering I've spent 95% of my life in Ontario, I figure I should probably do some diving here at some point. Looking around it sounds like Tobermory has some great diving and a couple good dive operations (who seem almost identical in terms of sites, pricing, etc.). I guess I have...
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    Octo Selection

    Okay time to make the least exciting gear choice: my octo. First, just to make sure, are all octos compatible with all first stages? I know my first stage is sealed, this wont make any difference, right? Second, I dive cold water and purposely went for a reg that performs well in cold...
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    Ranger LTD Newb Questions

    Hey, so I just got my Ranger LTD 2008 in the mail. Looks like a very nice BCD and I can't wait to try it out, but I have some small questions that the user manual didn't answer, and I'm hoping with the number of Ranger owners, a couple could help me with some of these: 1.) Dump Valve: Does...
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    Clipping Accessories to D-Rings

    What does everyone do to attach accessories to D-Rings when there isn't an included clip? For example, my light I just got only has a wrist strap: no clip. Do you just buy normal bolt snaps or is there a better method? Thanks.
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    Inflating Safety Sausage

    I'm just wondering what do people do to inflate their safety sausage? I just got one for Christmas and it has an inflater that I "think" is only for oral inflation (maybe it attaches to a LP inflater hose or something: but I'm guessing not). Do you inflate it while still under water or on the...
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    Guess I Should Introduce Myself

    Hey, so I joined back in the summer but disappeared for awhile, but I plan to post here much more now, so I guess I'll give my life story: I guess my background is I grew up in a Canadian city called Thunder Bay, it's on the north side of Lake Superior, about 6 hours away from Minneapolis. My...
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    Any experience using standard camera ($100-$200) without external flash?

    Hey, so before I started diving I purchased the Canon A590IS. It's nothing special, cost like $150 new or something, but gives awesome pictures and has more features than I'll ever end up using. I've seen those Ikelite camera cases (which will probably cost me twice as much as the camera...
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    All About Pony Bottles

    Hey everyone, I'm a relatively new diver looking to purchase some equipment in the near future. Although I always dive with a buddy, I would prefer to be as self-reliant as possible, so am thinking a pony bottle would be a good investment. I've tried to research them but have been incredibly...
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    How Is Puget Sound Diving In The Winter?

    Hey, so I've spent every winter of my life in Ontario, where it's uh a little cold. Last summer I took my open water course in Puget Sound and loved it. I'm currently in Canada and have never even spent a winter in Seattle. I'll be going back in January however. I'd really like to take my...
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    Predicting Slack Tide

    Hey, this is my first post here and hoping some of you can help me out. Hopefully I'll stick around here, seems like a good place to discuss diving. Sorry if this has been asked before, but I wasn't able to find anything by search. So far I haven't gone diving anywhere where current was...