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  1. HKGuns

    What Next?

    I've completed OW - AOW - EAN32 - Dry Suit. I plan on just diving for a while, but wondering what the suggestions for what would be next are? Or, do I call it good and just continue diving?
  2. HKGuns

    ScubaPro MK10 leaking air

    I use a MK10 on my pony bottle. I picked it up used and had it serviced, before using, at my LDS. Last night I turned the valve on and the 1st stage is slowly leaking from the top. I know the answer is to get it serviced, but wondering if this should be a clue for me to consider another 1st...
  3. HKGuns

    White Star Rock Crusher Dive

    Shot this one last August, my first time attempting the Rock Crusher portion of the Quarry.
  4. HKGuns

    Replacing Tank Valve knob

    I bought a couple of vindicators for two of my HP80's with Thermo valves to try out this season. My question is can these knobs be replaced with air in the tank or do the tanks need to be dry?
  5. HKGuns

    Lake Huron North Star / Regina Wreck dives

    Most of this was taken with a GoPro Hero 7 black in 4K60, with some bits from a Hero 5 black in 720P and an Iphone in 4K. I am still concentrating mostly on my diving and am not an expert video guy. No lights, this was all ambient lighting at depth, which wasn't bad, but not great. Edited and...
  6. HKGuns

    Perdix AI AA Battery

    What AA battery do you use in your Perdix and why? Any advantage to using Lithium in this application? Most of you probably just use whatever you have in your battery drawer, but I am sure there are a few folks here who have put some science into their choice, or have experience that brand X...
  7. HKGuns

    Latex Allergy?

    Not sure whether to put this here or in the Medicine area. Figure more appropriate here. - Bought new DUI Yukon 2 dry suit - Tried it on twice - Now have poison ivy like rash on both of my arms - No know allergies Is it possible I've lived this long and am allergic to latex and didn't know...
  8. HKGuns

    Rec Diving a Pony

    The pony thread got me to thinking, not sure if this belongs here or in Basic and I didn't want to hijack the recent pony thread. Let's say I'm REC diving a Pony with a buddy. Can I ditch the OCTO, use the pony as the safe second and streamline my REC setup a bit? Pretty sure I know how most...
  9. HKGuns

    Holding your Breath

    Simple, probably stupid question. Why is it ok to hold your breath while free diving but not while Scuba diving? I'm sure there is a simple answer, but I guess I am lacking some fundamental knowledge.
  10. HKGuns

    Flying after Diving

    I thought this had good information and data for new divers.
  11. HKGuns

    Mixing 1st / 2nd Stages

    I have a MK25 first stage and an A700 second stage. The A700 is heavy so I picked up a Z3 which feels lighter in my mouth and seems to breathe just as well on the surface. Are there any potential issues in using the Z3 second with my MK25? Better to ask than assume.
  12. HKGuns

    SOLD!!! Oceanic Pro Plus 3 Dive Computer with QD, Compass and USB Cable

    Ordered from Divers direct on June 11, 2019 and used for 19 total dives, only 4 of which were salt water dives. I paid $523, asking $300 shipped, will accept trade offers as well. Sale includes everything pictured, except the bolt snap. I care for my equipment very well. This is very lightly...
  13. HKGuns

    Perdix AI

    So after diving in India and having my Oceanic Pro Plus 3 barking at me constantly, (my fault completely) I decided to take the advice most often given here and brought home a shiny new Perdix AI. Set up and configuration was very straight forward and the interface is very intuitive. Question...
  14. HKGuns

    Havelock Island Diving

    Just finished up two days of diving on Havelock Island. My first ever dives in Salt water. We stayed at the Seashell resort which was wonderful, clean and well kept. Wireless and cell coverage was spotty at best. The only places with wireless were the restaurant and main desk area. But the...
  15. HKGuns

    Pony Setup Feedback

    Looking for feedback on my Pony bottle setup from more experienced divers. I have thick skin, fire away if you think it is jacked.
  16. HKGuns

    AOW Complete

    Completed AOW today. Everything went well and my buoyancy is starting to become second nature. I chose the following 5 dives: - Peak Performance Buoyancy - Navigation - Night - Deep - Wreck I did a 6th dive of an hour to practice my Buoyancy and we discovered I needed to shed 4 pounds. Now I...
  17. HKGuns

    Tipping an Instructor?

    I know there are a lot of instructors on this site, hoping you will weigh in on my question. I'm wondering if I made a mistake by not tipping my OW instructor? Is this considered customary? In reading the other threads about tipping it made me realize I may have unknowingly made a mistake. If...
  18. HKGuns

    PADI Nitrox Course Question

    I'm starting the local PADI Nitrox course and I question one of the exercise answers in the course book. I think it conflicts with the text of the book and would like the views of others who have experience or are instructors. The book states: "If you ever need to use air in an enriched air...
  19. HKGuns

    Tank Questions

    I have 3 steel Faber 80 tanks and would like someone to verify what I own. My confusion stems from the Optimal Buoyancy spreadsheet that shows Faber HP80's as having a working pressure of 3498 PSI. Along with all the other numbers the tanks say they are XS Scuba HP80 with a working pressure of...
  20. HKGuns

    Air Consumption

    Curious what the thoughts are here on what is a good air consumption rate and what is terrible? I realize there are probably ranges, I see discussion on air consumption in many of the threads here, so am wondering, what are the numbers? Above Average - <? Average - ? Below Average - >? I now...