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  1. Culcuhain

    Wheeler Branch Park (Glen Rose) July 26th (Saturday)

    Hey everyone. Several of us are heading to Wheeler Branch Park in Glen Rose to check it out. I think there are about 6 of us so far and more to join. None of us have been there so it is a new spot for all of us. We are meeting about 10am and planning on 2 dives and grilling out afterwards. Come...
  2. Culcuhain

    Decor Pacer service kits

    Does anyone know if someone that has a few of these service kits? 1st and 2nd stage are needed for a friend. Thanks!
  3. Culcuhain

    I have seen it all.....

    A real live fish at Athens Scuba Park. It is a bass a little over a foot long. I kid you not. It was by Dock 3/4. I have seen it all now....
  4. Culcuhain

    Just serviced my first Reg. 1977 Conshelf XIV

    That was super easy. I now have a working 1979 Conshelf XIV and a 1977 Conshelf XIV (pending new exhaust tee). These things are super easy to service. I took it apart. Removed all the rubber products leaving only the metal. Put it in a hot solution of vinegar and water and put it in the...
  5. Culcuhain

    WTB a few Conshelf XIV Exhaust Tees

    Mine cracked trying to remove it after heating it. I now how 2 in working condition, except for the one with the bad exhaust tee. I want to pick up a few extra as I will be getting a few more to serve as Octos. Thanks!
  6. Culcuhain

    The Lake Giveth... The Lake Taketh...

    Found an Mares X-Vision Mask and a cheap snorkle down in Aruba in May... this weekend CSSP Lake Taketh and I lost my snorkle in the rescue area while messing with a head mounted Go Pro... The Lake Giveth... The Lake Taketh... :)
  7. Culcuhain

    New Years Resolution....

    First off, Happy New Year to everyone! 2nd... My New Years resolution is to break 100 dives (legit).... I should be starting my DM training late this month, I think it will be easy... :-D
  8. Culcuhain

    Mounting doubles on an old Nemrod or Dacor backpack

    I have 2 old back packs. One nemrod and one Dacor. I just got my manifold in (SEAMCO) for a set of twin 72s. I have the bands. Do I run the bolts from the bands through the back of the backpack and I am done? Thanks!!
  9. Culcuhain

    mermaid divers update?

    I dove with them back in 06 and had no issues. I am going back to aruba in May. I know there were some bad experiences but i havent seen anything recent. Still stay away or have they changed? Thanks!
  10. Culcuhain

    WTB/WTT Bands for LP72s and manifold

    I have a set of bands for the normal AL80s and I am looking to either trade them for ones for the LP72s or buy them for the LPs 72s and then sell the ones for the AL80s. Also looking for a manifold for the LP72s.... Let me know what ya got! I will be out of town Thanksgiving through Sunday so...
  11. Culcuhain

    finished my Rescue Diver class yesterday....

    That class is the most rewarding and physically demanding class I have taken. I feel it has made me a better diver exponentially! (and I got my Master Diver level too...) That is all.... :-D
  12. Culcuhain

    going from a 3/2 to a 7mm...~ how much weight to add

    looking at my reference cheat sheet, it looks like I need to add about 8#. does that seem right?
  13. Culcuhain

    Sailboat Mast @ clearsprings

    Found it today while working on my navigation skills. Anyone know anything about it? (zero vis at ~35) so I don't know what it was attached with... Thanks!
  14. Culcuhain

    Peak Buoyancy Class... Learned something last night....

    with only a rash guard, swim trunks, BC (new, have about 10 dives on it.), and an AL80 (full), and mask, fins, etc.... I am negatively buoyant.... I guess that 10# I was using (Based on previous dives and a different/rental BC) was WAY too much... and this was in a salt water pool too.... :-D
  15. Culcuhain

    Installing new 1/2" Valve into old tank.... questions....

    Just got my new 1/2" K-Valve from XS scuba. (going in a 1959 USD LP72) We took out the old valve and cleaned the old teflon from the threads. We trial fitted the valve and it would only go in like three threads. So..... we know we need teflon tape on the threads. Will it make that much of a...
  16. Culcuhain

    Blue Lagoon???

    Good place to go? I need one more dive site for the Dive Around Texas. The wife is not interested in doing trashfest so I might not be able to do that... Is Blue Lagoon worth the drive? (done Athens and CSSP and Lake Travis.) Thanks!!
  17. Culcuhain

    Weird WK Steel Tank.

    Ok guys. I have an addiction with Craigslist and Scuba tanks. I now have 8 tanks (4 AL80, 4 LP72) I picked up 2 LP72 the other night and one is a Walter Kiddie (sp?) from 1974. What is weird about it is the bottom of the tank has "feet" so no boot is needed? Anything I should know about...
  18. Culcuhain

    WTB: K-Valve for Old (1959 USD LP72) tank

    I believe these are the 1/2" thread tanks. Looking for a good Valve ready to go. I might go for one needing servicing. Send PM with price shipped to 75089. thanks! Lee
  19. Culcuhain

    just wanted to say.....

    my LP72 from 1973 came back from Hydro today with a + rating... Now let see what pressure my LDS fills her.. will find out tomorrow. She is a Norris(I think)/Aqualung that I got here locally (DFW) that had a VIP sticker from the next town in NY that lived just prior to DFW.... That tank was...
  20. Culcuhain

    X after latest Hydro Stamp

    I have a Luxfer tank from 2/89 so it is the good alloy. I just got it back from the Hydro and it has an X after the hydro date. I know the bad allows get a VE after it (have one), I am not sure about the X Thanks!