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  1. Rick Voight

    1st Underwater Photo

    Happy #ThrowbackThursday! This is the first photo taken underwater... Sorry, not much we can do to fix this one :) Photo taken by diver and photography pioneer Louis Marie Auguste Boutan, in 1899. Thanks #DivingMuseum for sharing! #photoediting #digitalphoto #digitalphotography #VividPixFix...
  2. Rick Voight

    1st Underwater Camera sketch

    Here's a sketch of the first underwater camera housing. Diving Museum shared it with us (Vivid-Pix) so we could RESTORE it. Pretty cool. Love to see the first underwater photos! Sea Ya, Rick After RESTORE: Before RESTORE:
  3. Rick Voight

    5 years since we launched Vivid-Pix at DEMA!

    Time flies - seems like yesterday - thanks to Cathy Church (Cathy Church Photo Centre) and Larry McKenna (Save Our Leatherback Turtles) for all your help and support for the first DEMA and every year since!
  4. Rick Voight

    Vintage Photos

    Hi All, Do you have Vintage Photos - photos from underwater and topside? (wow, this is my 40 year certification anniversary!) ScubaBoard Net Doc (Pete), the folks at History of Diving Museum, and Vivid-Pix (me - Rick) have come up with a way to have fun with your and our photo memories - a...
  5. Rick Voight

    Vivid-Pix helps you bring back colorful photos!

    Hi All, Vivid-Pix Rick here - wishing you a Dream Vacation - and making it easy for you to Give your pics the Vivid-Pix Fix! Jim from Backscatter is going to help you Take great photos - we're going to Make them even better. Download and install our Free Trial software (10 free fixes) - use...