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  1. Diver_C

    TSandM -- Lynne Flaherty

    I don't believe Lynne is gone. She has the skills to survive this and be found. Sorry Peter you're going through this. <3
  2. Diver_C

    Missing diver in Tacoma Washington (Les Davis)

    Right on Bob! I hope any newer divers reading this thread takes your post to heart!
  3. Diver_C

    Seattle Water Taxi crew rescues scuba diver

    I just heard about Kriby's accident from a friend who works in the hospital when he was brought in. I'm very sorry this happened. Tough situation for all. I have dove with him a bunch of times. He is a really nice guy.
  4. Diver_C

    Sealife DC1000 question

    If the focus square is green when the camera takes the picture, there is something wrong with the camera, because they should be in focus. Yes, adjust the strobe brightness.
  5. Diver_C

    DC1000 Elite or Maxx

    Two strobes are significantly better than one.
  6. Diver_C

    FS: USIA Drysuit W/Undergarment

    The drysuit has sold.
  7. Diver_C

    FS: USIA Drysuit W/Undergarment

    That makes sense. Good luck!!
  8. Diver_C

    FS: USIA Drysuit W/Undergarment

    No one needs a dry, drysuit with an undergarment?
  9. Diver_C

    FS: USIA Drysuit W/Undergarment

    Bumpy, bumpy, bumpy. It's a good drysuit!
  10. Diver_C

    FS: USIA Drysuit W/Undergarment

    $500 Good looking medium USIA blue and black scuba dive dry suit (drysuit) with attached size (8 1/2 to 9 ladies) boots and warm USIA Exotherm III one-piece undergarment. Purchased used for female diver who is 5' 7'' tall and 150lbs., but could fit a slightly taller/bigger or smaller/shorter...
  11. Diver_C

    Looking for dive advice Green Turtle Cay

    Going to Green Turtle Cay over winter break, and want to do lots of diving. Brendals seems to be booked up for the most part, so that's a bummer. But, we'll have our own 20' boat, a golf cart (apparently common mode of transportation on the island), and there's a reef right out side where...
  12. Diver_C

    Bye bye Sealife

    I've had a film SeaLife, and the DC500, 600, & 800 models. Never have flooded any of the cameras; am extremely careful when getting them ready to dive with them (one hair on the o-ring could cause a leak). Don't see any issues with transferring the digital strobes from one camera to another...
  13. Diver_C

    Differences DC600 & DC800

    I've had the DC500, 600, & 800. The 800's larger battery is very nice, although I did find some larger batteries than SeaLife's for the 600. I am very disappointed the 800 seems to have focus problems - the outer edges of the pictures won't focus. I did three dives on my first 800, then had...
  14. Diver_C

    Sealife DC600

    I was easily getting two dives out of one 1000mAh battery in warm water a couple weeks ago in my DC600. That was not possible with DC500. Have not been able to try two dives on one battery in cold water yet, at least since I decided to try. Probably won't be able to until 5/6.
  15. Diver_C

    Sealife DC600

    One strobe takes care of the lip housing shadow problem no problem. How strong/far it can project depends upon the water. The digital strobe is adjustable. The camera also has adjustable flash settings - auto, far, close; they do have an affect the strobe. If you look at my diving pictures...
  16. Diver_C

    Sealife DC600

    Still testing them. I will have a good idea in two weeks. So far, they seem to last longer.
  17. Diver_C

    Sealife SL960D vs Bonica Neon

    I have dual 960D strobes. One did flood the night before the last day of a week's diving. Have no idea why either. SeaLife didn't charge me.
  18. Diver_C

    Oceanic Delta4 or Apeks XTX200

    PADI in the PNW teaches breathing from a free-flowing reg
  19. Diver_C

    Sealife DC600

    Here's a few from a 600:
  20. Diver_C

    Looking for afternoon dive charter Belize

    I will be in Belize for one day next month. I will be coming from a cruise ship, so I am assuming it will be anchoring near Belize City. Would like to get diving in during the afternoon portion of my stay. Looking for a decent dive charter to hook-up with. Will be free for diving 11 a.m. to...