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    Atomic SS1 - Recently Serviced - $150

    This reg was very recently serviced and has not been used since. it is part of a bigger BC package but i am willing to sell this reg separately. atomic regs only require service every two years.
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    Oceanic Probe LX BC w/ Atomic SS1 Regulator, Dive Alert, and Tank Lock - $500

    This BC is in excellent condition. It has all you need for a streamlined set up. The Atomic SS1 is a great air integrated inflator. The regulator was very recently serviced and has not been used since. Atomics only require service every two years. Details on the BC can be found below, but...
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    Bare SB System Drysuit (Like New) - $2050

    This is a XXL drysuit in immaculate/new condition. It has neaprean seals for durability and a soft sock bottom with rock boot. This model has one of the larger front pockets and has only been used on a small number of fresh water dives. The link below provides all the details and it's lifetime...
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    Fatality off Bald Head Island - NC

    I had experienced an incident not too long ago where a dive buddy got an IPE. Fortunately it happened around the safety stop. he lost consciousness shortly after coming up. Our group was well trained and managed to revive him. He was put on O2 and sent to the uscg. He was later diagnosed...
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    BC Lift Question

    Thanks for the input. I think I'll opt fit a 57# but feel better about my math and choice. Aside from that how do you like the double 130s. I've found them to be manageable in flat conditions but have not taken them to sea as I'm not sure how they fare with 6th waves. Rolling conditions and...
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    BC Lift Question

    I enjoy a lot of what is on this post and lean towards a smaller wing. I was in that line of thinking but the lds and one of the wing manufacures are steering me to a larger wing (60#). I am contemplating double 130 on a ss plate. 22 neg on tanks full, 8 lbs gear, 6 lbs plate only gets me 36...