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  1. kkshxt

    September, Cenderawasih Bay or Raja Ampat?

    Hi all, I am a serious underwater photographer and now considering between Cenderawasih Bay and Raja Ampat for a dive trip this year in September. My choices are limited due to the liveaboard vacancy. I have been to Raja Ampat in Feb and loved it very much. But, is September a good season to...
  2. kkshxt

    Derawan - Maratua - Sangalaki - Kakaban islands trip report (East Kalimantan) September 2019

    Hi all, I did this trip on September 7 ~ 15 2019 dive resort: Home By Borneo Diving It is Chinese owned and managed onsite by a local manager. They offered me a 7D6N package 5 days of diving first 4 days, one island per day, and the 5th day we can choose one island on our own. The first day is...
  3. kkshxt

    Trip report Moalboal 11/8~11/11 2019

    It's a short trip, only 2 diving days, and we did 8 dives. Moalboal is now a backpacker destination, full of newly certified divers and those learning to dive. We tried to find a dive shop willing to manage a private guide and early morning dives, and as a result, we chose Que Vadis. The manager...
  4. kkshxt

    Moalboal early morning dive

    hi all, I’m going to moalboal early November It’s a short trip, only 2 diving days. I hope to make sure to reach Pescador and be in water before the crowd. (at least before 8:00) I have asked several op, first dive only 8:30 or 9:00. And I also hope to avoid factory style dive shop. Is there...
  5. kkshxt

    the end of March to the beginning of April, Alor or Ambon?

    Hi all, I am planning the trip for 2020 March 28~ April 5 and it's hard to make decision we haven't been to Alor nor Ambon any suggestion for the timing and OP? I am looking forward to unique underwater photo opportunity and we like wide angle more than macro I know Ambon is a famous macro...