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  1. vioch

    Seal on Seal dry gloves question

    I prefer seal on seal dry gloves over ring-systems, and prefer dry gloves on picture below over Nordic Blue Could anybody advise where is the source of such gloves?
  2. vioch

    Light Monkey 21W HID canister lid ballast question

    Which wire inside the canister lid should go to the plus - red (which is going through the switch) or black (directly from the ballast module)? Just disassembled canister lid for sealing gland replacement and now need to assemble it back =)))
  3. vioch

    DUI drysuits origin

    Are all DUI drysuits manufactured in San Diego USA?
  4. vioch

    Balanced p-valve Check valve

    Could anybody advise online source for red check valves?
  5. vioch

    Norway Narvik

    Are there any dive shops in Narvik besides DiveNarvik Homepage ?
  6. vioch

    UTD Expedition LED Light System

    Any thoughts on this light? UTD Equipment Europe
  7. vioch

    Lost line and lost buddy drills

    Here is NACD Lost Buddy / Lost Line drills Are there any differences in such GUE (or UTD) drills?
  8. vioch

    DIR and Ice Diving

    Neither GUE, nor UTD have Ice diving procedures. Diver connected with a rope to the tender on the surface is tought by most agencies. How do DIR divers perform Ice dives?
  9. vioch

    DIR GUE and backup lights

    Heard that GUE teaches to use on the right side shorter backup light than on the left - to avoid interference with canister and for easier canister switch access. Is it true?
  10. vioch

    Tec 2G and dry gloves

    I purchased Digital 330 bottom timer and now choosing one bottom timer more to have back up. After reading Tec 2G manual I realised that to use stopwatch and average depth features diver needs to push the same buttons differently. Is it convinient to push in such manner tec 2G buttons in...
  11. vioch

    DIR and cold water dives with long decompression

    How do DIR divers take into account drysuit failure while planning cold water (38F and below) dives with long (30-60 mins) decompression? Some divers from Russia use drysuits with thick wetsuits as underwear to minimize undercooling on long deco if drysuit fails. So want to know DIR...
  12. vioch

    GUE and UTD non-divers training question

    Do GUE or UTD students during REC1 practice skills staying on the knees on the bottom (as other recreational agencies teach) or is it avoided at all?
  13. vioch

    Long hose bolt snap

    Heard about two long hose bolt snap placement options: 1 - as near as possible to the second stage (to reduce risk of entanglement) 2 - on about palm distance from second stage (for having opportunity of rapid switch to the parked on D-ring reg without unclipping it) So where should long...
  14. vioch

    Paladin Reel

    New Oxycheq Paladin Reel has no "stop" possition of the bobbin. It has 2 positions - in one the bobbin is unreeled effortless and in the other - with some effort, thus there is no bobbin's "stop" position... Is this bug or feature?
  15. vioch

    Inflator hose length

    On my doubles with 13" corrugated wing hose, I use 18" wing inflator hose - very slick routing. But recently was advised, that wing inflator hose should be longer, i.e. long enough to be attached to a drysuit... Does that make sence?
  16. vioch

    Water temperature question

    Advise me please on water temperature on Philippines (Mindoro) at early November. I just own drysuit (TLS350) only, since wet suit is useless here in St.Petersburg Russia with water temperatures 3-4 C all year round at the depths below 20 m. So want to understand should I order thin wet or...
  17. vioch

    Latex Seals Removing and Replacement

    "After cutting old seal away from suit, sand the remaining portion." Advise please, what should be used for better sanding of remaining portion?
  18. vioch

    RG1205 and RG1208 service kits

    Could you advise what is the difference between RG1205 and RG1208 service kits? Just compared service manuals and found no difference in kits parts, except that RG1205 service kit has RG1237 Thrust washer and RG1208 service kit doesn't have it.
  19. vioch

    Size of YS-27 o-ring

    Advise, please, what size of o-ring is used in YS-27. Thank you
  20. vioch

    Oxycheq Vertex Extreme vs Signature

    Advise, please, does Oxycheq Vertex Extreme wing (55 lbs) hug the tanks in the water as closely as the Vertex Signature?