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  1. thelostpirate

    help.. kinda of

    ok so i have this boat right. and she has been in my driveway since i bought her (work has been crazy) anyway. i think i will have everything on her ready for this weekend for a quick run, problem is i do not have a truck to pull her with. She is a 26' walk around, single o/b. So here is the...
  2. thelostpirate

    Aluminum Welder in Ft Lauderdale

    I am looking for someone that will able to give me a price on a custom dive ladder. nothing fancy, just a 4 step christmas tree type ladder with a custom mounting bracket. thanks for your help...
  3. thelostpirate

    Beach Dive Sat 5/10

    I do not know where maybe the euro jacks or anywhere else anyone wants to suggest. Sometimes not too early :coffee: but not late either, maybe 9 show 930 go or something like that. then maybe a BBQ if we are at the park. Suggestions comments?
  4. thelostpirate

    Shore Dive this weekend 4/19?

    So anyone diving Dania this weekend? My boat budget is running low so I figure I might want to try a shore dive here and did not want to go solo if anyone else was around.
  5. thelostpirate

    Looking for dock space in Hollywood, FL

    I am just testing the waters right now. I am going to look at a boat, but one of the issues is I will need to store it somewhere. I know there are plenty of marinas, and that is always an option. But I was wondering if anyone on the group had a home on the water with a dock that they are not...
  6. thelostpirate

    Hello from North Mississippi

    So anybody up for some blackwater diving.... come on it is not that bad, actually a little relaxing, think about it, you turn the lights off to sleep, why not to dive.