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Best Hybrid boat for Scuba / General Family fun

Discussion in 'Dive Modifications' started by ScubaDad1968, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. Nemrod

    Nemrod Solo Diver

    I was not suggesting a Whaler nor a Grady nor a Edgewater. I was however suggesting a dual console because he wanted a boat for tubing and cruising with the family and the links I provided where only to show examples of what a dual console boat was since the OP did not seem to understand and as well to attempt to define the difference between an offshore capable dual console and the similar looking typical bow rider which is anything but an offshore capable boat. He can purchase any brand he wants, I have no stock in any boat companies, that I know of.

    Maybe just me and most warm water boaters find a cuddy to be a waste of space, a dank, dark, hot, stinky area for storing the porta potty and other junk. But, up in the cold, frozen north, perhaps they are useful, dunno. A center console might freeze the arse off however.

  2. Reck Diver

    Reck Diver Regular of the Pub

    # of Dives: I just don't log dives
    Gradys, and Edgewaters are fine boats. Don't get me wrong, my first boat was a 13 whaler. Kids here run them Lauderdale to Bimini in the summer. I looked at a 27 Outrage at the Boat Show recently and about choked when I saw the price. I'm not a fan of dual consoles, mainly because we do a lot of sportfishing, but they can be good family boats.

    I understand what you're saying about cuddy's, but when it's that cold up north, are you guys still going out? It gets under 50 here and I'm putting the heat on!

    Either way we've given the op a place to start and a lot to think about.
  3. ScubaDad1968

    ScubaDad1968 Solo Diver

    I agree with you 100% Reck Diver,
    Although I thought with the colder wind/water here in Michigan a Cuddy would/could be nice. But your right it will be small on a boat under 23ft.
    I have also looked at these two brands: Pursuit & Trophy
    Do you or anyone here have any experience or opinions on either of these as a Hybrid Family Fun / Scuba Dive boat?
    BTW, How far offshore could a boat of this type safely venture? say in the Great Lakes or in the Florida Gulf? 10 - 20 miles to be safe?
    And yes, I am in research, discovery and money saving mode. I have gone to boat shows, I talk to boat owners all the time. I know I have much to learn and will probably get a smaller, cheaper boat to start.
    But in the long run this is what my goals are for a boat and I'd like to know what is out there that is ultimately the "Best Fit" when all is ready. (Time, Money, Knowledge, Experience etc)
  4. Nemrod

    Nemrod Solo Diver


    People, seems, often ask, how far out they can go as if there was some magic line in the water beyond which dragons lurk and which before that safety can be assured.

    The sea is ALWAYS dangerous and the Great Lakes probably only slightly less so, perhaps more so. In any case, I guess you did not see the part were Reck Diver mentioned kids crossing over to Bimini in 13 foot Whalers. A boat floats just as well 500 miles from shore as it does five miles from shore, all the rest is up to the skipper.

    captain likes this.
  5. captain

    captain Captain

    Distance and size does not equate to safety. If you go out 5 miles and didn't check the weather forecast and get hit by a storm you are in the same trouble you would have been in 50 miles out. If you aren't familuar with small boat operation I strongly suggest you attend a boating class given by the Coast guard Auxiliary or US Power Squadron, that is like what OW certification is to scuba.
  6. riverdiver

    riverdiver Barracuda

    Anything that makes a good fishing boat makes a good dive boat, I started with a 19' Searay and just moved up to a Grady White Seafarer.
    Searay was a great family boat and had a I/O with a 4 banger could dive all day for $40.00 in fuel. But was cramped for four divers.Boat is set up for diving t ladder and hot water for cold days. Is now for sale I live on the east side of the state near Port Huron if you would be interested.
  7. Rich Keller

    Rich Keller Solo Diver

    # of Dives: 5,000 - ∞
    Location: Long Island NY
    I would suggest looking at www.steigercraft.com . These are commercial boats that can be setup just about any way you like. You can do anything from bare hull to loaded pleasure boat.
  8. Wil

    Wil Captain

    I have a Parker 2820XL, they make 25ft and 23ft models that are large enough for diving. Even a 34ft if you really want to go big. 21deg deadrise, cuddy cabin with single or twin outboards.
    My 2820XL fully loaded with 6-7 divers, all their gear, hardtop, and fully fueled (250gl = 2,000 pounds) runs 47mph with twin Yamaha F250 (5800rpm).
    Parker makes a great boat, all but the 34ft are trailerable. Their pricing is very competitive.
  9. Capt.Gene

    Capt.Gene Dive Shop

    I don't want to make anyone hate me here, but the size boat you ask of, with a cuddy cabin has very limited deck space for scuba activitys. With a deep V the boat will lack stability and your kids may often be "pukey"
    Most smaller boats are built with less deadrise and require less horsepower as a better trade off.
    I would not want a deep V much less than 25'. The pld 23'SeaCraft would be an exception.
    Some of the smaller cat boats make good dive platforms and it takes more to get sick on one than on a monohull, but these cost more money and most need twin engines.
  10. jerzeedivr

    jerzeedivr Angel Fish

    Parker, C hawk, Steiger Craft, Maritime Skiff. For CC I like Contender.

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