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Blackmail by 'professionals"?

Discussion in 'Business of Diving Institute' started by Indah, Feb 5, 2019.

  1. Indah

    Indah Manta Ray

    # of Dives: 5,000 - ∞
    Location: Weda, Lembeh and Rao Morotai
    I received this as reply to mail in which I refused to offer a special discount to a Dive Instructor. We do offer discounts for all sorts of reasons. For example for last minute bookings or low season. But not just because the inquiry is from an instructor or other "professional'. Maybe Padi and other organisation should pay a little bit more attention to the ethics of their members?
    Lastly, by not offering a professional discount, you can be sure that Dive Instructors will tell others to stay away. In our experiences, by not incentivizing Dive instructors to come to a resort, usually means that a resort is cutting corners and does not run as good of a dive shop, as safe of a dive shop, or as honest of a dive shop. This is not to imply, but most resorts know that if they aren't up to standards, a dive instructor will know. Again, better to make 90% and have excellent advertising? or make 0% and have negative advertising?
  2. Wookie

    Wookie Secret Field Agent ScubaBoard Business Sponsor

    Standard extortion. Personally, I’d turn it back to their agency. Let them deal with the lack of professionalism.
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  3. Bubblesong

    Bubblesong ScubaBoard Supporter ScubaBoard Supporter

    # of Dives: 50 - 99
    Location: Massachusetts
    This kind of Extortion is not just limited to Dive instructors, but i would suggest reporting it, because that chiseler is probably trying this at other places too. Of course, that person might be faking dive credentials too.
  4. wetb4igetinthewater

    wetb4igetinthewater Instructor ScubaBoard Supporter

    # of Dives: 500 - 999
    Location: Seattle
    I'd find out who they are, and post their extortion email as negative feedback.

    Most likely, the agency will not care (based on personal experience).
  5. michael-fisch

    michael-fisch ScubaBoard Supporter ScubaBoard Supporter

    # of Dives: 2,500 - 4,999
    Location: Finally Lake City FL
    It's pretty normal that the person who organizes a dive trip for 10 or more divers does not pay for accomodation or diving. I've also seen it done all the time for writers of dive magazines, including online dive magazines, and have mixed feeling about it since their experiences are not going to be the same as those of a paying customer.

    Extending the same courtesy to a dive professional who is not bring extra income along (paying customers) is not normally done, and it's a good idea to publicly burn him/her.

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  6. Ministryofgiraffes

    Ministryofgiraffes Loggerhead Turtle

    # of Dives: 1,000 - 2,499
    Location: Toronto
    I think you 100% have to publicly reveal this person to mitigate any of the ‘negative advertising’ they are threatening. It’s basically corporate blackmail and they would be getting a very stern warning from me that any false negative message would be met with full legal recourse. They would change their mind pretty goddamned quickly when they had to pay a lawyer to defend a libel claim.
  7. Germie

    Germie Cave Instructor

    # of Dives: 1,000 - 2,499
    Location: Netherlands
    I had it the other way, I went to a divecenter a couple of years ago to do a course. Yes, the course was great, the diving fine. So I went back. But my diving level progressed and I was not satisfied anymore to pay for 40m dives with a maximum of 75-90 minutes divetime on a place they decided I had to dive with a guide. Another thing was that even I am a technical diver and normally don't do shallow dives in a holiday, there can be reason I want to do a shallow dive to look for some critters. This was not possible there even not a solo nightdive on the 'housereef'. So for a next trip I decided that the diving must be independent, so only rent a car and tanks and jump in were you want and rent a boat to dive to the wrecks when we wanted. The divecenter I went before does not offer this. So no hard feelings, but they don't service my/our needs which are changed over time as my diving has been changed. But I got over facebook a message we are best, you know that, we are better than everybody else, blabla. But no, I want to go independent and from another island. I explained that. I am not angry, but my needs are this time different from the last time. That is not that I hate you or your divecenter, but I want to do now other things. So I am unfriended. That is not professional in my eyes. As customer, you can go where you want. And if a customer goes to another does not directly mean you are bad, but you simply cannot accomodate all divers.

    The question from a diver to get a discount if he stays longer is not wrong. You have a NO, you can get a YES. So easy it is. But this email sounds like he expect to get the discount. If he is really telling ******** somewhere, make the email anonymous and publish it as reaction on his bad review.
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  8. Kharon

    Kharon Solo Diver

    # of Dives: 200 - 499
    Location: Upstate NY
    My experience is that the free berth comes from a group rate. The person organizing, booking, etc divides the rate, lower or not, by the people going and they don't include themselves in that number. I don't think the free berth comes from the dive shop/accomodations/flight.

    Magazine writers may be comped by a resort but I wonder if their magazine doesn't more often pick up the tab. I think this business is a knife edge markup and any freebies cost the business.

    Oh, and I wouldn't call the extortionist a "dive professional" - maybe professional crook.
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  9. kelemvor

    kelemvor Big Fleshy Monster ScubaBoard Supporter

    # of Dives: 200 - 499
    Location: Largo, FL USA
    I've often seen that quoted on SB and in conversations with folks. Actually some resorts have the information easily available. Some seem to not do it, such as REEF in the Caymans.. or at least their publicly posted information does not include this customary discount.

    Not being a dive pro, I've never experienced it myself. However, I've heard it often enough that I believe it.

    This guy seems like a jerk, but extortion? I think that may be taking it a bit too far.

    I can't imagine the agency doing anything unless the agency thinks this will result in a lawsuit.
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  10. W W Meixner

    W W Meixner Banned ScubaBoard Supporter


    The term ''professional'' in anything...not only diving...is used as praise and recognition of accomplishment...

    It is also used as a term of sarcasm...sometimes...more often in the latter...than the former...

    Nobody rides for free...not even ''professionals''...

    Another reason our industry is in the state its in...

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