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Can I use a single wing for doubles?

Discussion in 'Buoyancy Compensators (BC's) and Weight Systems' started by bigred177, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. cool_hardware52

    cool_hardware52 Dive Equipment Manufacturer

    Sure, why not? If the logistics at the "exotic location" allows for doubles, and you choose to bring your doubles regs on your trip to this exotic location, go for it. With a set of al 80's and a wetsuit have at it. When have I said anything to the contrary?

    Let me be clear here. The diver about to embark on a once in a life tour of the Pacific doesn't need me or anybody else to tell them about the pro's and con's of dual purpose wings. They already know, and are likely sufficiently skilled to "make do" with whatever is available. They probably have a gear locker full of wings, and know only too well what each does best.

    OTOH, the typical inquiry on SB about "do it all" wings is made by the uninitiated, not the "old pro"

    It is a fact that most BP&W's will never see a set of doubles, even if the diver thinks they will be diving doubles in a "year or two"

    IMO, it is a dis service to sell these new BP&W divers a wing that will negate many of the advantages of a BP&W, on the small chance that this same wing will be just what they need when (or if) they transition to doubles.

  2. foles1972

    foles1972 Divemaster Candidate

    # of Dives: 200 - 499
    Location: Cape Cod, MA
  3. RAWalker

    RAWalker Divemaster

    Sorry to have missed the Borg hierarchy.
    But I'm just a lone Federation observer.
    As such I don't believe resistance is futile.
    I beleive in independant thought and that one person can make a difference.
    I refuse to give up my humanity!
    Now I'm off to find Seven of Nine that Borg has learned the benefits of Federation technology.

  4. Teamcasa

    Teamcasa Sr. Moderator ScubaBoard Supporter

    # of Dives: 500 - 999
    Location: Near Pasadena, CA

    That is more true that one would like to believe.
  5. PerroneFord

    PerroneFord DIR Practitioner

    # of Dives:
    Location: The Borg Cube
    So ummm, where was his buddy when all this was happening? And what happened when he pumped up that wing and got out? Once the he got free that must have been some ride he took...

    So you are saying that locally, you buy what you have access to. It also stands to reason that since OMS is the major manufacturer in your area of technical gear, that many of the divers outfit themselves with it. That's fair enough. We are lucky enough here in my area to have many dive shops, and dozens of choices of technical gear to try out. And you see very little OMS gear in the water here. Not sure if that's because OMS doesn't market much here, or if divers like myself who've tried their gear and compared it to other options, have found it a bit wanting. I can't say really. I did take the new OMS Larry Green wing for a dive last year. That is OMS's entry into the cave diving wing market. Apparently, Larry Green and I have different ideas on wing shapes! :) By the way, I borrowed that wing from the president of the NACD, and loaned him my Halcyon 60# evolve. We traded notes at the end of the dive. He said he didn't really "notice" the Halcyon. I said exactly. It's invisible back there. You take no notice of it. I couldn't say the same for the OMS. I am not a fan of Dive Rite's wings at all.

    There are many quality brands of gear on the market. That wasn't true some years ago. It's unfortunate that you guys don't have direct access to more choices. I think if you were able to hold wings from 8 or 10 manufacturers in your hand and compare like we can, you might formulate some different opinions. But then, maybe not. It's quite possible you have the very best gear for your needs already.
  6. nereas

    nereas Solo Diver

    # of Dives: 500 - 999
    Location: Expat Floridian travelling in the Land of Eternal
    You are not cut out for successs with the GUE courses then.

    Unless you first obtained surgery on your brain (to remove most of it).

    How dare you think on your own?

    Who do you think you are? JJ?:popcorn:
  7. vicdiver656

    vicdiver656 Barracuda

    # of Dives: 25 - 49
    Location: North Saanich, B.C. Canada
    I have yet to hear of that happening.....then again I'm a newbie. As far as I know, the wing is too small, so it would just be pinched under the doubles, and you'd get very little lift........I'd just buy the wing
  8. beanojones

    beanojones Solo Diver

    Someone needs to make a dictionary so I can keep up with all the hips phrases.

    What is a poodle jacket?
  9. beanojones

    beanojones Solo Diver

    I am always surprised that the same sort of people who mocked PADI for all the various Cert levels, are now insisting that just that sort of multi-level training is needed for tech diving.

    People have been diving doubles and deco for a long long time. Long before any of the equipment to do it was available. Or the training.

    Split Rock in dual independent steel 72s, fastened to those double cam strap contraptions, bolted through the backplate nuts to a S/P Classic. Why? Because I wanted to dive Split Rock.

    I think you would sell more gear by having people try it with bad gear. I certainly switched to Harness and rear bladder once I dove it. (Sadly, I use a TransPac not a BP, but that's because I am a warm wet diver only, and packing small matters.)

    It is much easier to dive standard tanks that are doubled than it is to dive 'exotic' tanks that are big. Boat captains hate you when your gear is different, and especially when your 8" tank does not fit in their tank holes.

    Split Rock:
    YouTube - Hawaii Deep Diving Split Rock
  10. beanojones

    beanojones Solo Diver

    As noted in some other thread, I dove Twin 120s with two slung OMS 66 steels. In a .5 mil wetsuit. I would love me 95 lbs of redundant buoyancy. Because if you have to spend 30 minutes waiting for the boat to pick you up sitting on the gear is easier, warmer, and safer.

    Warm water open ocean diving is so different from fresh, cave, or dry diving, that I am tempted to start a Warm Water Tech Divers certification agency to rid all those people of their 'useless' gear. Huge buoyancy is a safety issue in warm water, because the sooner you can get your body up out of the water the better your circulation is. And the more visible you are. And you don't dive dry, period. You wear the thinnest possible wetsuit you can. to avoid huge buoyancy changes. And you have to dive with what's available, which means that you might be slinging Steel 66's. Because islands have what they have, being islands.

    I think it is at least of note that the other counter voice is also a warm-ish water diver.

    Horses for courses. And the thinking that might make sense in fresh water caves, just does not make sense in warm salt water.

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